Vaccines: Are they a part of You Child's Roadmap to Health?

Vaccines are highly debated these days, with both sides of the fence taking staunch stances. We all want to keep our children healthy, and as a parent, there are some things we want to look at when deciding to vaccinate or not. Of course we want to include our common sense and intuition in every decision we make as a parent, so even though we gained wisdom from Naturopath Melinda Fouche, who has worked with developing healthy children and working with autism and children with learning disabilities, be sure and be informed! And we want to make the wisest decision for our family, for we are the ones who live with the effects of our choices!

What is important when deciding whether to vaccinate or not?

Melinda says deciding what to give our children is a case-by-case basis, and the answer comes from how we parent:

Yes, it is important if our children are living off fast or artificial foods, antibiotics and cough syrup. Yes, if our family is living in a very stressful environment and not allowing our children’s healthy immune system to build and become stronger.

No, vaccination is not necessary if our children are living off of organic foods, our children are getting their vitamins & minerals, they are living in a less stressful environment, and they are allowed to get sick without being highly medicated (this allows the immune system to naturally build itself stronger if it’s a small cold, and it’s allowed to pass naturally (without cough syrup and ibuprofen) and with homeopathic support.)

What do we need to know about vaccines?

According to Melinda, “the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies are heavily invested in denying that those vaccines are causing problems. But when you look around the world at areas where they never had ADD, never had dyslexia, never had Autism, never had Aspergers, had very low incidences of brain injuries or developmental delays…But the minute vaccines were introduced to that country, then suddenly those problems started to develop there. Maybe it’s a coincidence. Maybe it’s just such an assault on the child’s immune system, maybe it’s the illness that results, because it is a live vaccine. Live viruses that are going into a baby with a very undeveloped immune system…We also know that boys are at a much, much greater risk, because of testosterone. It is actually the surge of testosterone that they get at 18 months that appears to coincide with the onset of Autism. And especially if they are vaccinated at the time of that surge when testosterone comes in. Girls appear to have some protection from estrogen.”

If we want to vaccinate, what can we do?

1. Become informed.

2. Wait until the baby’s immune system is more developed (at least one year old).

3. One vaccine at a time (to lessen the assault on the immune system).

4. No thymerosol, which is mercury, and very toxic to the newborn and young developing brain.

5. Remember the Hippocratic Oath, which was first do no harm and let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Whatever our decision is about vaccination, healthy food and drinking choices have a huge impact on our children, not only their immune system, but their emotions as well. Choosing local organics when we can, teaching our children to relax and release stress are all wonderful efforts that allow us to enjoy our wonderful children!

Common Mistake?

Many people think, “well, I had them, and I’m fine.” Which is wonderful, but what we need to keep in mind is when we were growing up, depending on our age, we might have had 1-2 vaccines: a small pox and a polio, where today children have 20, or up to 30 by the time they start kindergarten! Plus the amount of toxins, plastics and other substances that our body is exposed to is not the same as it was when “we were growing up.” So we want to keep that in mind as we choose what we want to put into our child’s body.

Melinda says, “I think once we realize what kind of assaults newborns and young children are trying to defend their nervous systems against, we start to realize the importance of being proactive and making better choices for our families, which would include organic foods, avoiding fast foods, managing stress better and limiting the number of vaccines until they are at least a year old, spreading them out, trying to be more proactive and look at options for antibiotics and just taking a whole new approach, which in my opinion is a proactive, preventative approach because we have so accelerated the assaults, the toxins and the poisons we are exposed to on a daily basis.”

Going Without Vaccines?

There are really two options when we choose to go without. Some parents choose to go completely without, another option is to receive homeopathic immunizations. When deciding how you want to proceed, carefully look at what’s out there, and then decide what you feel most comfortable with. The decision is not up to the doctor, the responsibilities lie within us as parents to best make the child's decisions until our children can make them for themselves.

To read Melinda Fouche's full interview on Vaccines and Pregnancy Nutrition interview. For further reading Melinda recommends “Evidence of Harm” by David Kirby.