Trying To Conceive Naturally

When we are trying to conceive naturally there are a lot of things that can set us on our course. Understanding how our body and how our cycle works is always a great idea!

But remember: baby making is still a very magical thing! Some of us may be trying to conceive for a month, and some may be trying for longer. What's important to realize is we are all coming from our own unique experience, so conception is not only working with our babies that will be coming to us, but also continuing on our own healing journey.

Why? Certainly we can get pregnant while being incredibly stressed, out-of-shape and not taking care of ourselves, but we think it's great for the baby and great for us too, as a soon-to-be moms, to be eating healthy foods and cherishing our own body as much as we will once it cocoons a baby.

With conscious conception we realize that we are each an incredible miracle and we have the opportunity to greet our pre-conception and our babies in that very same way! Babies do not come in our timeline, we co-create together our experience. We can consciously approach them before pregnancy, open ourselves and our lives to our highest wisdom.

And by approaching conception this way we teach our babies the same thing! What a great way to change the world! So, suit up! This is the time to treat yourself as the goddess that you are. And have fun! You may be about to have the most sex you've had in a very long time, or for a very long time. This is an incredible time for you and your partner to bond, to talk about what you want in a baby, to talk to baby, and to set standards that will carry over into your pregnancy and your parenting.

So, what are great tools to help us in trying to conceive naturally? The same things that are going to help us while we're pregnant and the same things that are going to help us in birth! Meditation, yoga and natural movement are all wonderful tools to add to our baskets! As are craniosacral therapy or any other kind of healing work that helps us understand our body and listen to it's cues. The most powerful thing we can ever do is learn to listen to our self and to trust our self to create the circumstances that we want to experience. Who knew trying to get pregnant could be so useful?

We may be approaching a new pregnancy as a parent already, as a first pregnancy or we may be preparing to experience a pregnancy after miscarriage The journey may look be similar, but our experiences are our own, so only we can best choose our journey. I encourage you to choose only those choices that make you feel stronger and more empowered.

If you are having the great debate: am I or aren't I pregnant, check out the top 10 symptoms of pregnancy. If it's taking you a little longer, you may want to read the article Trying to Conceive: An Act of Surrender. It reminds us of the natural unknown in the baby-making process! And to know we are not alone is one of the greatest comforts in the world. Have fun and enjoy the journey!