Symptoms of Pregnancy: Am I...

Aren't I? Am I? The signs and symptoms of pregnancy vary woman to woman and one pregnancy to another! One of the most important things is to start to treat our bodies like the pregnant goddess that we are, even before we officially know we are pregnant. We want to give to our body the best, not just because it may be housing a baby, but because it’s housing us as well! A common thought during pregnancy is, “I don’t want my baby to have that!” But we can even start those wonderful habits before pregnancy, don’t we deserve as good as our baby! So here we are today, wondering... Am I? Aren't I?... lets go ahead and jump into the signs… And don’t forget, we can be pregnant and not have any signs, or we may not be pregnant and have all the signs! So keep reading to find out "what next"?!

Top 10 Symptoms of Pregnancy:

1. Swollen and tender breasts.

2. Morning sickness (with or without vomiting & any time of day).

3. Increase in urination.

4. Food cravings.

5. Darkening of the areola (area around the nipple).

6. Spotting/Cramping: when the embryo implants itself into the uterus (6-14 days after conception: a bit earlier & much lighter than normal period). Like most everything, this is unique to each woman and each pregnancy. If you are bleeding, or experiencing a miscarriage, look inward and reground yourself, recoginze that when a baby is meant to be, there is no stopping it, and when it's not, the body merely cleanses based on it's wisdom.

7. Fatigue.

8. Headaches.

9. Mood Swings.

10. No Menstrual Cycle.

The body is going through so many hormonal changes from the very beginning that many women will start to feel the symptoms of pregnancy as early as a week after conception and some women may not feel any at all! That’s why if we are open to conceiving we want to treat ourselves beautifully for months before we conceive, and at least at conception.

One of the best ways we can find out if we’re pregnant is to look inward to our own intuition... it can be tricky because if the desire is really strong, sometimes it's more difficult to see the truth! But go ahead and do it! Look inward, past the symptoms of pregnancy, are you pregnant? It's amazing how accurate we can be!

Another way is to take a home pregnancy test. Many pregnancy tests require that we wait until we’ve missed a period and then some! Then they are not always 100% accurate, so be sure to treat yourself as pregnant until you know for sure you whether you are or aren't. A blood test is the most accurate way, and something a doctor or midwife may want to see results of, but start with your own wisdom. Through my own experience I am more in tune with my body than the pregnancy test, or the blood test. So, check in with your intuition and ground yourself as you wait until the appropriate time to perform a test, if you desire to at all!

Sometimes the anxiety during the wait time seems interminable, so do everything you can to pamper and nourish your spirit, journaling is a great way to be honest and see where we are. Take a close look at how you feed yourself and your exercise. This is also a great time to stay in the moment! If you're pregnant, there's 40 plus/minus weeks until you birth your baby, so practice now enjoying this moment in its fullness! Go ahead and talk with baby, welcome it whenever it wants to come, and share the day with it. Practice taking the time to surrender to baby coming in baby’s time. It is your first act of parenthood, your first act of letting go of control in favor of surrendering to the highest good of all! Hey, nobody said it was what's been encouraged or the easiest thing to do! But we can do it!

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