Pregnancy Nutrition: One Size Does Not Fit All

Pregnancy nutrition is key to creating a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. In the time of pregnancy and even preconception, we are building the house that will nourish and build our baby’s body and brain! The ideas of what’s “right” and what’s “wrong” vary greatly, and there are often very conflicting ideas. To help us sort through the ideas of nutrition and health we found Naturopath Melinda Fouche who from personal experience raising her own kids and becoming an expert in her work with learning disabilities, autism and developing healthy children is able to share a vast amount of knowledge. To read her full, fascinating and information-rich interview click on pregnancy nutrition.

What goes on in Pregnancy Sets the Stage for Life!

Melinda says, “I think when a mom decides to get pregnant, she needs to become proactive and learn how to help her own body to be as healthy as she can, so she can prevent her children from being learning disabled." From her own pregnancy nutrition experience Melinda says, "I really had to look back and say, “what was going on in my pregnancies at that time, that could have led to having three children with learning disabilities?” And very honestly I realized quickly that it was a combination of high stress I was under…. I was not eating carefully and conscientiously. I was a little anemic, I was hypothyroid. I was very, very exhausted from the standpoint of adrenal fatigue. And I came to the conclusion that when a mother is not in the best of health and under a high degree of stress and her doctor is not addressing the anemia, or the hypothyroid, or the stress, then those children, as they are developing, the fetal brain is so, so vulnerable during that time. I wasn’t taking any aspirin, and I wasn’t taking any drugs, but even back then I was drinking Diet Pepsi, and we now know that aspartame is extremely toxic to the fetal brain. And I think that a woman should be proactive even before she becomes pregnant. But during the pregnancy, her nutrition is the priority.”

How does each woman reach her optimal health, when every woman is different? Melinda recommends:

1. Hair Analysis: to find out exactly what’s deficient, what’s toxic, etc. in your own unique body!

2. Blood Type: what happens is your digestive system is conditioned by your blood type. And foods that are not compatible with your blood type, and is key to understanding the blood type diet. It is not the end-all. But foods that are not compatible with your blood type cause red blood cells to secrete all sorts of stickiness, and they clump together. And when they clump together it’s called agglutination. Just think of the word glue and those red blood cells glued together... You know the American Medical Association is still mocking and making fun of and putting down the blood type diet, and saying there’s no science behind it. But in reality, there is. Dr. Peter D’Adamo has done years of research up at Bastyr University, which is the supreme Naturopathic Medical School in this country… I sat in on his first class, and at that time I had a clinic with an Oncologist and we started introducing that diet to women who had Auto Immune conditions and they just responded immediately. I went on the diet and gained weight and mainly because I am an A blood type and I didn’t factor in my allergy foods and began to eat wheat and dairy, which were things that were compatible with A Blood Type, and I assumed it wouldn’t matter if I had had those allergies, but I did learn that you cannot ignore your allergies. For further reading on the Blood Type diet, check out Melinda’s full interview on pregnancy nutrition, she also recommends the book “Eat Right for Your Baby” by Dr. Peter D’Adamo.

3. Allergies: (to discover your allergies) you start with saliva testing, then you move into blood testing. I also have some equipment here that uses potential biofeedback for testing, but we can’t cal it allergy testing, we just call it reactivity testing. And with that particular testing, which I feel is the most accurate of all, it will bring up everything you are reactive to, whether it’s an intolerance, a sensitivity, an allergy or a blood type incompatibility.

When you do these tests, you can use all the findings for pregnancy nutrition. Melinda says women “can develop what I call an elimination and rotation diet with homeopathy that will allow a person to eventually,to occasionally eat anything, but learn how to manage their health, by rotating the foods that they react to.”

Besides these basic building blocks to looking at our nutrition as a unique body, there are other important building blocks of Pregnancy Nutrition, which include:

1. Drink lots of water: hydration is key to being able to produce a healthy baby

2. Prenatal Vitamin: gives more calcium, less vitamin A which can be toxic to the baby’s brain and more folic acid which is the B vitamin that helps the spine develop correctly

3. Cod liver oil: Melinda encourage the moms (& all women) to take cod liver oil, and the EFA-DHA (to develop a healthy brain), every day from the time they’re born till the day they die; she says we could prevent a lot of learning disabilities if every baby was getting their cod liver oil every day!

Wherever you are in your pregnancy, it's never to late to start! Every step towards a healthier you is a step towards a healthier baby. Don't forget to use your own intuition as you choose the road map to your own health. To Read Full Interview on pregnancy nutrition with Melinda's so interesting!

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