Natural Pregnancy: Time to Go Within

Natural pregnancy is an incredible transition time to really go inward and search for the flow within. Pregnancy is a natural byproduct of nature that shows us just how miraculously we are made. Without us knowing how to orchestrate all the changes in our body to produce a baby, our bodies take over and do all the changing that is necessary, allotting and producing many chemical and physical changes.

The important part for us, then is to maximize the process by supporting the body and giving it what it’s asking for; whether that’s with a singleton or twin pregnancy, whether it's the foods we eat or the exercise that we give it. Natural pregnancy is also the time to dive deep and look at the fears we have, for birthing and for being parents. It’s time to heal old wounds within ourselves about how we are supported by others, by the universe and by our own families. It’s the hidden fears, the old traumas that our cells have held onto that will hinder us as we birth and as we give love to our babies. The time is now to turn off the televisions and really be with our selves and our mates. To talk about what’s going on, what our bodies and our emotions are experiencing. We are the observer to all the changes that are taking place within us. Journaling about the natural birth that we want, and the things that we feel are standing in the way, and talking with baby inside us during our natural pregnancy are all ways to let go of these blocks, and build new bridges with our babies and our bodies; massage, yoga, and other mind-body connections are also great tools to aid us through the transition.

Natural pregnancy is about bringing the sacred into this moment, bringing our attention into our bodies now, so we will be used to doing this when we are birthing and when we are parents. As we face some of the unpleasant sides of building a baby, nausea or constipation, or tenderness… whatever it is, it’s a good time to not just try to cover up the symptom, or to find the quick fix, but to really learn how to be with your body and allow it to express and heal itself.

Why is this important? Because in natural birth, just like natural pregnancy, it’s about validating that your body is an important tool, that has a deep and strong knowledge, and that if we work with it, we are empowered and made stronger for it. Certainly we can all take the drugs, but maybe the nausea is coming from the idea that we are scared to go through the changes, or maybe the tenderness is asking us to treat ourselves a little more like the goddess that we are. There is wisdom within, if we take the time to go digging for it, we are rewarded by our efforts. It doesn’t mean we have to struggle silently, it means we question, we express and we let go. It means we know that parts of the journey hold wisdom for us, and appreciate as much as we can, and seek support from those we are drawn to. Maybe a book crosses our path, maybe a person, it’s another miracle how if we are willing to look within, just the thing we need to help us winds up in our lap.

But if we miss the opportunity to look within, many times the thing that wants to help us is beating at the door, but we’ve got the television blasting and are in a tired daze and can’t hear! What can be sickness, can also be seen as wisdom and cleansing, it’s important to investigate all sides, especially as we make our way through our natural pregnancy to unearth the beliefs and obstacles that aren’t serving us.

Many of us get impatient with pregnancy, we don’t feel attractive, we find it burdensome, but remember even though we want our babies in our arms now, we are already mothers! (Check out prenatal bonding.) We have a choice to feed our babies feelings of impatience or feed her feelings of love at the process and journey of life. If we’re feeling unattractive, remember baby is feeling it too, so we take the time to appreciate, even make a list of anything about our self that we love! We are sending that same message to our babies!

Take this natural pregnancy as the gift that it is: 40 weeks to prepare to have the birth that we want to experience with our baby, and 40 weeks to be the mother that we want to be. Heal old wounds, finding who we are, letting go of somebody else's beliefs and embracing our own. Finding our support and getting clear in our vision of how we want to be with our children and starting that now! Remember, our children are our imitators, so we take the time now to become the women we want our child to see and to be. Cleanse away the people, the experiences and the habits that we don’t want our baby to be affected by now, because what affects us during pregnancy is passed onto our baby through the amniotic fluid: that’s our nutrients, our breath and our highs and our lows. So we need to focus inward!

Listen and respect our body’s needs, follow our breath, and find our love and our peace. It’s never too early! And our paths to these things are our most important path: it is only from experience and our modeling that our babies will be experience these same important truths; and if it hasn’t already begun, it’s time to begin now in our natural pregnancy!

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