Natural Birth: The Birth of the Goddess

Natural birth hasn't seemed so natural as of late, at least that's true if you look at the media, all the rushing around the ER, screaming for a doctor! Or think about the last birth story you heard, more than likely it was filled with fear and terror, if not drugs and surgery... and if not, good for you and them!

All of these thoughts and images, plus many, many more like them, have led us to the place we are in today with natural birth on the decline - with a cesarean rate that is rising and in some cases becoming the preferred approach. And where a drug-induced birth ends up being the "natural" choice for many pregnant women.

But there are other ways to birth naturally!

There are so many options, we just need to get past our fear-based medical approach to birth to see women are already enjoying water birth, birthing out in nature, and some are even birthing in the ocean! Birth is a transformation, like the butterfly coming out of it's cocoon, and in most cases not a emergency, and the quicker and more fully we accept and embrace this the more we will love natural birth, even if we choose to do it in a hospital.

To understand the state we are in and the process you are about to go through I want you to first recall that long, long ago we were in a culture who worshiped the goddesses - women were in the business of birthing, women were the epitome of the birth, death, rebirth cycle. We didn't go to hospitals, we either gave birth on our own or had women with experience who came to assist us, someone like a doula or a midwife. It wasn't until during and after the witch hunts when women got thrown out of the healing arts that man took over birthing.

Now, this isn't to say we don't like doctors, we only need to realize that birth is a beautiful, natural process that needs to be left alone to fully allow our bodies to work at their best! Our bodies are incredible miracles and they are made to birth healthy babies. We may not enjoy miscarriage, but our bodies are created to miscarry if our baby is not healthy, and the same goes for later on in the pregnancy...we are made for survival and to produce offspring who can survive, and if our baby isn't strong enough for life, then life is made to die out. Yes, nature sometimes seems brutal, but it is also very smart and meant to serve us in the long run.

To accept full power as ourselves as a pregnant woman is to embrace the full power of the goddess in our selves by saying we create with ease and following that with birthing creation itself with ease and then blessing our children with our abundance.

Do you realize that there are women with similar bodies to ours who are birthing and continuing on with their day? They may choose to rest with their baby, to observe the sacredness of creation, but there is not always the drama and the horror story that most of us westerners have come to expect. Birth is time to revere the creation process, not fear it. To do this we must first develop a respect and an awareness of our bodies and our instincts. Take comfort that there are women who find little or no pain in natural birth. Take comfort that there are women who actually find natural birth orgasmic!

What happens then?

Why are other women finding it incredibly painful, incredibly undo-able? What stands in the way of ease is fear. Anytime there is not ease, there we will find us struggling with what is and what we imagine or "want" there to be. Taking a look at our orgasms, I think we find some help. First, are you having one? With or without a partner, are you allowing yourself to be so relaxed with your body and your sexuality that you embrace an orgasm? If so, have you ever had an orgasm that was so big and powerful that you pulled back from it, scared?

It is in this place that I believe we find valuable information. What if we are so afraid of our power - that when we catch a glimpse of it during natural birth we pull back into our shell and wait for it to die down? And this can be looked at from the opposite position as well, not only with great pleasure, but with great pain as well. Whether physical or emotional, what happens when you experience great pain? Do you run for the drugs or the alcohol, or do you just run your life by making choices that will keep you out of pain, in a nice safe cocoon? This happens in birth regularly, we are so afraid of the greatness, we hold our bodies back, not ready to experience it...and many times end up having c-sections.

There is another option - to breathe and to stay facing your true power through pleasure and pain. This can be done in natural birth, this can be done in sickness, in orgasm, this can be done all day every day. Embracing and allowing our self to be who we truly are is the business of goddess birthing that we are about. Natural birth can be done at a hospital, it can be done in the birthing center, in the shower, at home, in the ocean or in the forest. But as you add more people and options to the situation, you also increase the likelihood of adding more interventions because our bodies are meant to require privacy for birth. Because to our instincts, privacy means safety.

Face it we don't want to watch a butterfly come out of it's cocoon, we want to help it out faster, so we can see how beautiful it is, so we can make sure it's okay...but we won't be helping the butterfly, it needs to do the work of opening, it gives it strength to survive later obstacles. Human birth also needs to happen in it's own pace, not by someone else's watch.

If we are birthing today, we may be one of the women birthing at the hospital hooked up to monitors. Or we may be birthing outside under the moonlight with a blanket and a fire. Whichever we choose, all these are birth, so the question remains, what kind of birth do we want to experience? There is nothing unnatural about birthing. Animals do it safely in the wild every day. They have not been taught to fear it. Their mothers and sisters have not taught them they can't handle it. We are no less than them.

Natural birth can look like many things, but what it needs - the only thing it needs - is a knowing, coming from deep within us, and a trust and understanding that we have in our body's own greatness. A faith that our body knows how to birth and can do so. We have to let the fears go and the reins go. Give up control and accept the situation in all its entirety: A natural birth of creation. Yes a miracle, but a natural miracle.

Embrace your pregnant self. Embrace your incredible inner goddess power. Do you have to know how your body moves poop through the body to poop? No! Do we have to know how our body moves a baby through the body to birth? No! In both situations, we have to relax. We have to feed our body the foods, the thoughts and the movement that it needs: in pre-pregnancy, in pregnancy and in birth. This is what our birth needs, this is what our baby needs and this is what our spirit needs. Get on with the business of natural birth, of learning to communicate and trust our bodies, on an physical, emotional and spiritual level, on the level of the great goddess creator.

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