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Natural birth stories are wonderful in opening our eyes to how others are birthing. Some things we may even like to pick up and add to our own experience. As we go about deciding how we want to birth, it is wonderful to be inspired by other mothers who have been in the trenches and seen the rainbow!

How we birth is very personal and can be very empowering, some of it we have creative control over, some of it will be our babies surprise! If we come to the birth with an empowered idea, flexibility and the ability to stay in the moment and move with our bodies and our babies, we come prepared!

My own birth story of Phoenix Lucien teaches me birth lessons that show me the most important thing I need to remember in mothering little Phoenix.

The unassisted birth of Quantum gives us a look at a simple, unassisted home birth...which is so incredibly magical!

Kathleen's homebirth gives us inspiration that we can have a birth that is "better than I could have ever imagined."

Heather and Zachary's birth shares a beautiful story that starts 16 years ago with a pitocin-induced birth, followed by two c-sections, and finally climaxes in a vbac home birth built on faith and prayer.

Laura's Dreams guide her through two natural miscarriages & two natural births

Mary & Leo Birth with Intimacy and Privacy

Mary & Luc's natural birth story explores Yoga Positions, Goddess Support, Amazing Husbands and Going Within

Brandy's Journey To Choosing A Home Birth Over a Hospital

Despite Family History of C-Section Caline & Julian Create a Natural Birth Together I have come across a wonderful book in my own search for inspirational, natural birth stories which can be accessed and downloaded for free at This inspiring work of 48 natural birth stores was put together by Sheri L. Menelli and is called Journey Into Motherhood: Inspirational Stories of Natural Birth. There are so many incredible stories in this book, however my favorite story is the last, on page 315 called In My Deepest Meditation by Yael Solomon. Also included are the mothers telling what helped them the most in preparation with each birth, plus at the end of the book: visualizations and affirmations, glossary of terms and explanations of different child birth prep classes. It is a great read! Thank you Sheri, you have provided so many positive birth stories and references.

In putting together these birth stories and hearing other women talk about the process, it's obvious that the journey of how and where we come to labor are important stepping stones to how we are going to parent. Be inspired to open to avenues that may not have already been considered. Let these birth stories build our connection to the souls of women who have passed this route recently. We can draw on their strength, their knowledge and their creativity. We can connect with their essence so that we may never feel alone, or as if we're the only one who has passed these stepping stones before. Our journeys may look very different, but if we look closely we will find more similarities than differences. We welcome your own birth story, and ask that you share yours below to empower other women, remember to pass along your own experience as a gift to the women who are traveling the road of birth and motherhood after you! It is deeply appreciated.

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