Natural Birth Stories: Heather And Zachary Birth On Prayer and Faith

Natural Birth Stories: Heather and Zachary

Note from the Creator of Love Natural Birth: Heather is a dear and special cousin of mine who has had such a wonderful journey through parenthood. She started sixteen years before this last natural birth story, so she shares her journey not only of this special home birth, but also her experience coming from three hospital births. I am so proud of you Heather for stepping into your own power and facing fears and doubts. We must each find our own way, and Heather has found hers! We appreciate your story, we appreciate you!

Natural Birth Stories: Heather and Zachary's Story

For those of you who have believed with me in prayer that a woman can do anything with the support of her husband, family, friends and most importantly…The blessing of the Lord.

Here is our natural birth story… After having one semi-natural birth by pitocin induction back in 1993 and 2 cesareans after that due to having “big babies” Scott and I prayerfully considered trying a Vbac. We visited 2 obstetricians who told me there was no way they would consider letting me try natural. Luckily we visited a Christian OB in Denton who looked over my records and reassured me that there was no medical reason that I was induced the 1st time and neither of my C-sections were medically necessary. Scott and I decided that we would try using a midwife. The Lord brought April Pierce to our lives. April is the oldest of 10 children and was homeschooled. She was called to midwifery because of witnessing her mother having 6 cesareans followed by 4 home births. We both knew that April was Heaven sent for little Zachary’s birth.

Tuesday, November 16th I started having what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions at 10:00pm. These intensified from Wednesday 12am- 6:00am. Scott began to time these throughout the night and they ranged 7-10 min. between contractions and lasting anywhere from 45-60 seconds. He texted April, our midwife, at 5 am and she immediately asked us to call her. Once hearing the details of my status she arrived Wednesday morning at about 7am. My three sons started waking up around that time because they were so excited about our final day of home school co-op and all the festivities. They were going to have pizza parties and get to say goodbye to their friends before the holiday break. Well, I obviously went into mommy mode and started thinking of all the things I had to do for our last day. You know, check my box, fill out report cards for my students, get together our teachers gifts, pack lunches etc. Well, my contractions completely stopped. My hubby decided to take the boys to the Sonlight classes. The midwife and I just sat around and read books waiting to see if anything would happen again. Perhaps it was false labor. I was two days past my due date and April said it wouldn’t be uncommon since I previously had two cesareans for me to go past Thanksgiving. So we just relaxed. I think I even took a nap. I little while later I asked April to “check my dilation.” Well, she did and we both were expecting maybe 1cm. Well, I was at 6 cm and effaced/thinned etc. April quickly began to bring all the birthing supplies in and began setting up. I called Scott and my mother in law and told them to come quick. Only thing was…No water had broken and no contractions. I was walking around cooking my breakfast and organizing things. I did NOT think this was labor. Basically from this point forward a dear friend of mine who was here for the birth reminded me that maybe God was teaching our family a lesson in patience. We all then started singing the song from the 80’s album Music Machine:. ”Have Patience, Have Patience, don’t be in such a hurry, when you get impatient, you only start to worry, remember, remember, that God is patient too and think of all those other times God has to wait for you.”

That sums up Wednesday, waiting, being patient and having occasional contractions. I had prayed earlier in the week for the Lord to allow us to get through all our End of Semester Programs before I had the baby. So far he was honoring this request. Well, in the wee hours of Thursday morning my midwife came in and asked me if I wanted to try a few things to get labor started back up. So we tried herbs, pumping and some other things at 4:30 am. Finally I figured the baby was going to come when he was good and ready so I went back to bed. Thursday morning I told April she should go home and take a break and I’d call her if anything happened. She continued to sit and read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Wow, I don’t think she ever slept the whole time she was here. Well, she checked me again (even though I didn’t feel in labor at all) I was at a 7. Scott began to fill up my labor pool since that was going to be my “epidural” when I hit transition and needed it. Ha! Ha! I thought I better enjoy this pool after all the hard work my dear hubby went through to get it and set it up and keep the water warm. It was wonderful, but still didn’t bring on my labor. So imagine the scene at my house…Grandma in the kitchen laughing and having a great time with the boys. She’s cooking meals for us. My friend, who I think needs to be a doula, wearing her baby in a sling is encouraging me to stay positive. Scott, being the most amazing man, sitting with me and laughing while we fill up this pool in my bedroom and wondering what the heck have we gotten ourselves in to.

The clocked kept ticking away and still I am laughing, walking around the house, and getting the boys ready for the End of the Semester Program for Sonlight. My oldest son Drake (16) walks in my bedroom in his grandfathers Army uniform. He was in a 40’s swing dance class and was going to perform at the program with other students all dressed in that era. Tears filled my eyes when Scott said, “Honey, I hope we never have to see him like that going to war.” Tears filled my eyes as I pondered being a mother of soon to be four strong boys. It was a moment I will cherish! My in-laws were here to take the boys to the program but before they left Scott wanted one last walk together as “The Logan Five!” Keep in mind that I am STILL not having any productive contractions. At least I wasn’t feeling them.

Well, we walked to the end of our street praying and talking about being a family of five and how life was going to change. Guess what…I started feeling contractions again. I think the Holy Spirit had revealed something to Scott and that was we were about to have this baby. We took a last family picture and then the boys drove off with grandparents to the EOS Program. Scott and I walked in the kitchen where April and my friend were sitting at the table chatting. I grabbed a drink of water and held on to Scott as I had a pretty intense contraction. I asked April if we could setup the air mattress for her so she could get some sleep. She said, “I don’t know about you, but I’m planning on catching a baby tonight.” Bam…I don’t know if it was “the last family walk”, seeing my son in a military uniform or Aprils comment, but my body went right to work. Or maybe Zack did. God appeared to be answering my prayer about all our school activities being over before I had the baby. He literally honored that to the hour. I spent from 7-9 laying on the backyard hammock in a cool breeze. Drinking juice, eating whatever carbs I wanted because I knew he wasn’t going to gain much more before delivery. I labored with Scott all over the house. Walking was my best friend, but when a contraction hit… Scott had to be there for me to sway and dance with. BTW-Dancing meant swaying and relaxing on him and him holding me up. It was amazing and beautiful. The next two hour details get a little personal, but I love sharing. Feel free to ask me more about the delivery sometime!

When I was ready to deliver April allowed me to direct that myself. This was not what I was used to with the medical profession. It just keeps getting better and better…my boys walked in the front door from their program at about 9:45. Scott had them turn on a movie and watched it with granddad until they heard Zack’s cry at 10:18pm. Drake says it didn’t register to him this whole nine months what was really happening to our family until he heard that cry coming from my bedroom. His grandfather was the one that made them all turn the TV down. He knew it was about time to hear a cry. That same grandpa was also born in a little farm house 70 years ago. His mother sent his father to town on horseback to get the country doctor. By the time the men arrived back to the farm, Grandma Annie had delivered her baby, (Scott’s dad) cut the umbilical cord and was nursing her baby boy. We named Zachary after great grandpa Zackary Meriwether Logan. Lawrence is Scott’s middle name. Thanks so much for allowing me to share our beautiful experience of how the Lord taught our family a sweet lesson of patience and how to trust in Him at all times and do not fear. Well, one sweet lady told me I broke the curse of childbirth because it shouldn’t have been this easy. Thank you again for all your prayers.

By the way…after having three boys two weeks early ranging from #1 - 8lb14oz., #2-Over 10lbs, and #3- 9lbs I was so thankful that you ladies prayed for my 1st at home birth to be smaller. The Lord answered that prayer too. Zack weighed 1 oz bigger than his daddy did at birth. 7lbs11 oz.

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