Miscarriage Stories: The Natural Process

Since creating this website natural miscarriage stories have made their way into my email inbox. Women from around the world have shared with me their own personal process of releasing their babes at home, unassisted. Each story has shown me how right I was to share my own story, and recently I realized...wouldn't it be great to allow these women to share their own stories if they want?! And wouldn't it be great for the rest of the world to be as inspired as I am by their trust, faith and openness?! And so here we are...I had no idea when I created Love Natural Birth, that there would be such a loving section on Natural Miscarriage...but here it is.

I send love to you if you are walking through this journey now, or still healing from your own miscarriage. If you are in the process, please read about my own natural miscarriage story to find out more of what you might expect to experience (one miscarriage around 5 weeks, one at 12 weeks).

Remember as you read my story, or anyone else's, our bodies and our emotions are unique to us...listening to our own bodies, take this as it is, an opportunity to connect more deeply with ourselves and our babies...to experience the natural divine in a sacred way. Many blessings on your journey...

Sam's story of trust is one of natural miscarriage at 11 weeks, though the baby stopped growing at 9 weeks according to ultrasound.

Beverly's story of miscarriage at 8 weeks, baby showed 6 weeks growth.

Toni and Melvin's peaceful birth...Toni miscarried at 16 weeks, though Melvin stopped growing between 11-12 weeks.

Noelle's release of her butterfly Sera Hope around 7 weeks.

Laura's Dreams guide her through two natural miscarriages (one blighted ovum and one natural miscarriage at 12 weeks) and two natural births.

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