Miscarriage Stories: Beverly's Story

Note from the Creator of LoveNaturalBirth on Miscarriage Stories: For all of us who've had a miscarriage, I think we can relate to Beverly when she states how odd it is to one day be pregnant and the next day the baby's gone. She has this realization with just seeing the babe on the ultrasound, but I remember feeling this way too without the ultrasound...just looking at how my belly had lost all it's roundness overnight. Love to you Beverly and all the moms who are just going through this.

Miscarriage Stories: Beverly's Tale

I found out I was pregnant about three days after my missed period. I went for my first Drs apt and the size of the baby was only showing four weeks when it should have been six. I was rescheduled again in two more weeks. The next time I went back that ultrasound showed a 6 week baby and the size of the sac had doubled. On my way home I felt my panties wet and noticed like rust colored blood. I had heard that bleeding was normal after a cervical exam didnt really think anything about it. I bleed a while just when I would wipe and a little on my panties then I went to bed. At about 2 I woke up and I was crampy. I went to the bathroom and kinda pushed to see if I had to poo but I felt something slide through my vagina and heard it plop in the toilet I looked down and the water was bloody but I could still see whatever it was through the toilet water. The cramps then went away. When I woke up that morning I could feel something in the process of coming out of my vagina and I immediatly went to the restroom... what came out was a cresent shape. I then called the hospital and they said stuff like that happens after a cervical exam. I felt fine all day other than a little crampy.

Later that night I called the hospital again and asked if there was a number I could call and speak to a nurse. When I called that number the lady told me to go to the er and have someone drive me so I went. They basically told me what I already knew. (That I'd miscarried) It's just so weird that I had just had an ultrasound where I saw the baby, even got a pic, and now its gone.

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