A Miscarriage Letter to Myself

Miscarriage often leaves us wondering if we did something wrong, or what we could have done differently. Mostly it can leave us grieving for a spirit that we never got to hold. In my own journey through miscarriage, I wrote two letters, to my baby and one to myself.

Following is the one that I wrote to myself, I share it in the hopes that it inspires you to look within and continue on your healing journey. We can either be healing or destroying, and I find healing a much more comfortable journey… though facing inner fears can certainly be momentarily uncomfortable!

As I was writing, I asked my Higher Self/Guides what they wanted me to know, and this is what came up. It was very comforting, and just what I needed to hear at the time.

If you’re feeling stuck or just plain sad/depressed, sit down and give yourself some love and healing. It wasn’t time wasted for me, it was time that helped me tend wounds and let the moment be.

The Letter

Dear Ashley,

I want to stroke your brow and wrap my arms around you. I love you and you are enough for each and every one of your desires, including a baby! You were a good mom for your baby who decided it wasn’t the right time/body. You are a good to Antoine and Emilie, Lois, Clark and Oliver!

It’s okay to feel sad about the baby miscarrying, your little angel not yet being born. I know your heart is a moms heart and calls out for it’s children. Give your love freely to Emilie and Antoine. Talk with your baby now. Love, knowing that nothing is ever lost.

You are. Your babies are. And they will be physical in the perfect timing, in the universe’s timing.

Love and appreciate Jean-Paul – he just wants to see you happy. Love and appreciate you! You are wonderful and doing it right in the right time.

Love, your guides

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