The Advantages of Midwives

Midwives bring something special to the table! I know it’s a strong statement to make, and I’m not even talking about birth here. But we women need a good midwife! I must say, I’m a fan of unassisted birth, but whether you want to birth your baby with a midwife, a doctor or on your own, it’s great to know that midwives can help you when you need a bit of assistance in the progression of maiden–mother-crone.

Well-Woman Exams

Many midwives offer well-woman exams, which is to say, if you are one of those people who has a yearly pap smear, you have the option to go to a midwife rather than a doctor. Or better yet, have a midwife come to you to have your yearly check-up.


When searching out a midwife, it’s important to remember many of them make house calls! Can you imagine not having to go to the doctor’s office and sit in that cold waiting room? What about not having to put your feet in stirrups ever again? Think you can handle life like this? I can! I have a very funny story to tell, one day I was on my period and all night I was thinking I need to go change my tampon, yet I didn’t. I was so tired, it wasn’t until first thing in the morning that I got up and went to change my tampon… the funny thing is, I do my business on the toilet, then go to retrieve my tampon… I couldn’t find it! I realize it must have floated up in me… I go digging! All I feel is way, way back and there’s no way I can get it out myself! What’s a girl to do? Go to the doctor or have a midwife come and help? I called a midwife who had crossed my path… and voila, house-service an hour later. We started off with tea, then set up a place with towels on my bed. Now, I can only say, I’d much rather be laughing at my missing tampon at home over a cup of tea than going to sit in the waiting room, see a nurse, then a doctor…only to find out later that I had no tampon in! (It must have fallen out when I emptied my bowels… at least that’s my guess!) I’d much rather be laughing histerically in the comfort of my own home than being uncomfortably embarrassed in the doctor’s office!

Midwives Make Great Resources

Many midwives today make great resources. They may know lots of health alternatives in the area, I have been impressed with the people that midwives have to call on or to refer. Acupunturists, massage therapists, nutritionist. They are many times the go-to people who are open to alternatives. Remember this, midwives who take clients and have a thriving business are on a short leash, they usually don’t do much traveling because they need to be nearby if a mom goes into labor. And of course they’re network is constantly growing, if their business is! So, they can often provide us with talented, local, helpful people in the healing business.

Not All Midwives Are the Same!

Of course, like any other profession or any other part of life, there are people that are more or less qualified…and more or less helpful. Read here for more help on choosing a midwife. I met many midwives who I would never want at my birth, but they’ve still been very helpful in my life. I’ve been through two miscarriages and both times I called a midwife (not the same midwife each time) and each of them gave me some helpful tips. And as you can see, from my tampon story… there are other days, not related to birth when I’ve found them helpful! Being choosy is our right! Whether it’s who we have at our birth or who we let into our vagina’s, there’s more options than just the doctor! When we open up and pay attention to those who cross our path, we just might be pleasantly surprised!

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