Meditation mp3: The Peace Within

In creating The Peace Within, I created a meditation mp3 that speaks from the heart of surrender.

Most of us are busy spending our lives fighting what is happening in this moment, which only goes on to create more moments that we will continue to fight with. We spend much of our time wanting to be in the future with our dreams, or in the past with our memories. However, there is another way!

As I stated in my benefits of meditation article, I believe there are many roads of meditation, which are wonderful to explore. We can gain many different tools from a visualization meditation that we may not get from a mantra meditation, and many different experiences in a guided meditation that we will not get in a walking meditation…and an all-together different experience in a stillness meditation. So the important point is to start exploring and see what works best for us in this moment. As with most anything, there is not one answer for everybody, there are as many different perspectives as people!

The meditation mp3 that I created is not situation-specific, it's not about pregnancy or birth... it's about letting go, which has been an incredible lesson on my journey that I am still practicing in every facet of life and one of my biggest benefits of meditation!

At the beginning of the meditation mp3 my voice guides you into the center of your being, and then I leave you with the sounds of crystal bowls playing gently in the background to assist you as you explore going deeper into you, into creation. Practice it for 15 minutes or 50 minutes regularly and you’ll experience a deeper connection to the internal world of you! Why is this important? Because the internal world within is where we find peace, not in the circumstance of our lives. It is the internal peace that creates the external manifestations of peace.

Get ready to let go of control and embrace the internal you, the you of peace, abundance, tranquility...the you that is deeply connected to all creation. Feeling like you want more empowerment in birth or life? Or want to experience more joy in parenting or partnering? Feeling like you want more nourishment in the few moments you have to yourself...these are a few of the benefits of the meditation mp3 experienced regularly. Let go and embrace The Peace Within.

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