Katie Fisher: The Liver and Conception

Speaking with Katie Fisher gave me great insight into how we can support the liver on a day-to-day basis... eating in season! We also discuss the ins and outs of a liver flush, something that many of us might want to consider as we prepare for conception if we're not supporting our liver on a day-to-day basis. Katie is an experienced Holistic Health Practitioner who I met at a 4th of July picnic! How lucky I am to have crossed paths with Katie, who has experience in prenatal care, aromatherapy, herbalism and as a raw food chef... lots of things I love! Remember, our opinions are only that, Katie has a lot of wisdom, but only you know what's the next step on your own path. Consult your intuition and your own wisdom in choosing your journey, for you are the only one walking in your shoes!

Katie Fisher On "What's The Liver About?"

Ashley: So, what I’d like to do is dive right into liver cleansing and then kind of back our way later towards anything in general you’d like to recommend for preparing for conception, either first time trying to conceive or later after miscarriage, or after another pregnancy. So, lets start with the liver.

Katie Fisher: Okay.

Ashley: So, tell us first why the liver is so important.

Katie Fisher: The liver is one of the most overlooked organs of the body; it’s the second largest after the skin. And it’s probably the most important of the body because it’s in charge of all of our detoxing. So, it filters all of our blood, filters all of the toxins out of our body and oftentimes when the liver gets bogged down by too many toxins, it starts malfunctioning.

Ashley: Is that working in conjunction with the kidneys because the kidneys do that too, right?

Katie Fisher: Right, right but the liver transfers everything first. Everything goes thru the liver first and then distributes it out. The kidneys have different functions. But focusing on the liver, I don’t really know that much about all the different organs of the body, medically speaking. But I know their function and what helps them function, things that are organically natural and inherent in our ability to digest and assimilate.

So, with the liver, it’s constantly working, and the cells of the liver replace themselves every four months, faster than any other organ or any other part of the body. So, we get a new liver all the time, even if we have a completely bogged down liver, that’s completely toxic and your body is toxic, you can replace the liver tissue within four months, if you provide the body with the right tools. So, what we have to do is change the way that the cells are structured in the body. And all cells have a memory, so if we’re not giving the cells the right amount of nutrition, or the detox that it needs, then it’s just going to recreate itself the way it is, as a damaged cell, or keep on recreating a malfunction. So, that’s why we have problems.

The liver is really affected by pollution, alcohol, and any toxin that’s in the diet, especially pharmaceutical drugs. And so it’s really important if we have to take pharmaceuticals, or if we have pollution in our environment, or if we consume alcohol regularly to do a liver flush/liver cleanse. Typically you’d want to do a liver cleanse once a year, and a lot of cultures do this naturally just because it’s what’s available for them to eat at that time of year. We in our society here being in the United States, we don’t have that because we don’t live that close to nature. We have our food trucked in, so we have everything that we want all times of the year, when it’s not even in season in the area we’re in. So, if we were to eat things that are in season in our area, at the time of year when they’re ripe, we’d be naturally detoxifying our liver every spring because those are the foods available: the greens, kale and broccoli, and all the green leafy vegetables are ready in the spring. After the rains come, they all spring up. So, we’d naturally be doing a liver cleanse if we lived in sync with our natural environment.

Ashley: Okay. Makes sense.

Katie Fisher: But, if we don’t do that we need to take other methods of detoxifying our liver. So, if you have acne, are really groggy, or experiencing bad moods. If you feel like you get angry too easily, if you have infertility, many of those things mean your liver isn’t functioning properly. It might be just a nutrition deficiency, minerals. Most of us are totally mineral-deficient. And our adrenals, because of our stress level of our society, we have too much stress! And so our adrenals become taxed out. And that’s really huge.

So, we want to replenish all of our minerals and our adrenals with proper nutrition. You know coffee is really taxes our adrenals. I’m not saying it’s bad and you can’t have a little bit. But over 3-4 cups a day is toxic to the liver, it stimulates the adrenals too much and it takes away from them because it’s pumping out so much adrenalin that what’s going to replace that? We need something to replace that adrenalin. Any time you have stress it’s pumping out too much adrenalin, and then we need to replace that with something, with nutrition. So, what I suggest doing is put into our bodies the right amount of nutrients that we need. Instead of just detoxing and not replacing the bad cells with the good cells. So, antioxidants and greens. Blue green algae and marine fucus, those are greens that actually replace stem cells. So, you can actually start re-growing healthy cells. Without those, we don’t have the proper tools to help rebuild healthy cells. We need to replenish the liver, so it’s important to do the cleanse, but it’s also important to refill with the proper nutrients: greens, the algae’s, chlorophyll… you know a lot of people have been into the whole wheat grass for several years now, but chlorophyll like blue green algae and marine fucus are way stronger and way more full of chlorophyll than the chlorophyll in the wheat grass. It’s more bio-available too. With the wheat grass, we don’t extract the juices very well, which is why they always juice it and even that is a little bit harsh. But if we’re doing the algae and the marine fucus, that’s really bio-available, meaning our cells are going to eat it up and it’ll help remove the toxic cells, or the cells that are dead or destroying or destructive… so we’ll pull those out and replace them with the proper cells, with trace minerals is what it’s doing, and those are the building blocks of healthy cells. As far as I know!

Ashley: Okay!

Katie Fisher: All About the Liver Flush

Katie Fisher: The liver cleanse is very, very important to do the right way. You don’t want to do it just halfway. You want to do it all the way, and follow the rules. I know a lot of people hate the idea of drinking a whole cup of olive oil, and that’s like the scariest part of the cleanse. When I did it I was so terrified I just went to lay down and I literally prayed to God, please don’t kill me! I was so scared.

Ashley: Definitely don’t want to be killed.

Katie Fisher: No, don’t want to die! Right?! But those are the types of fears we will encounter when we do a serious detox, a lot of our emotional issues will come up because we’re faced with what we really, really believe. And we are detoxing serious traumas or emotions that are holding us back from really actualizing ourselves in this world. They inhibit our life from doing what we’re really supposed to be doing because we’re stressed and we hold too much fear. And in order to empower ourselves to get out there and do what we really need to do, we need to be clear in our head, and if our livers are bogged down we can’t think clearly. We’re groggy and foggy-headed.

Anyways, that’s why I decided to do the liver cleanse, it’s not because I was sick or because I was infertile, or any of those things. I just wanted to do it because I had several clients who needed to do it, and I’m not going to tell a client to do anything that I haven’t done. So, I had this client, the doctors wanted to remove her gallbladder, and I said listen if you have your gallbladder removed, it will only take away your symptoms at this moment. It is only going to cause you more problems in the long run, because you’re not going to be able to digest or assimilate nutrients. The gallbladder has a function and it’s put in there for a reason. The doctors can take it out, but we still need it! So, you’re going to have major complications in the long run. So, she came to me looking for help, what could I do? And so I said, okay, lets do some research.

And I went to different yogi’s and ayurvedic specialists to learn how to do this the right way and I did it, and I thought this is crazy, but I’m just going to do it. I don’t know if I have gallstones, I don’t have gallbladder problems, but I did notice that I had acne a little bit, not a lot but a bit. And I did notice that I could use more energy in the day to do more things. I did notice that I wasn’t sleeping very soundly, it would take me a while to fall asleep at night and I’d wake up with anxiety. And for many different reasons, but I did for three days, eating nothing but raw apples. Organic and locally grown, trying to get the most beneficial nutrients, so that I’m not just cleansing, but actually getting minerals into me.

Ashley: So, you were eating apples, you’d just slice them and have them all day, or what?

Katie Fisher: 3 days all day. Just apples and water. You can do apple juice if you are juicing the apples. You can make applesauce too. But the most beneficial I think is just chewing the apple yourself because the saliva actually brings in the enzymes and helps to break it down and helps to assimilate it better. And the skin (of the apple) when you chew it, the skin actually acts as an intestinal broom, so it pulls things out of you and it’s got really good fiber too.

Ashley: So, 3 days.

Katie Fisher: So, 3 days of just eating apples and drinking water. The pectin in the apples loosens everything up. Softens everything up. Softens the tissue in the gallbladder. Softens the tissue in the liver, so that everything is more malleable. Then after you’ve done 3 days of apple and water, and nothing else. No coffee, no tea, you want to do it by the book. There are healers and nutritionists who say take tons of supplements and drink your teas, or your green tea with it, that’s fine. But I think you want to concentrate on getting apples and water. If you have to take your supplements that’s fine, but previously you’d have wanted to wean yourself off of pharmaceutical drugs. Which is another complete interview. It needs to be done very carefully, and we have done that and it’s been very effective, especially with anti-depressants. But care must be taken. So, back to the gallbladder cleanse and the liver flush! The night of the 3rd night, before bedtime, you take a lemon, juice it and take a cup of olive oil. Organic, cold pressed, as unprocessed as you can get. And then you mix the olive oil and the lemon juice and drink it.

Ashley: So, one cup olive oil and juice from one lemon.

Katie Fisher: Yep.

Ashley: And then you drink it, and then you feel like you’re going to die!?

Katie Fisher: Well, I did! I was so scared because what this does is the actual action of the olive oil and the lemon are so shocking to the liver, it’s like WHAT THE@#$@! Is going on? I’ve had apples and water and now you’re putting this in me! What are you trying to do, kill me? That’s what the liver thinks.

So, what does it do? The gallbladder squeezes and the liver squeezes and constricts. And you can feel it. Olive oil is this really good healthy fat, but too much and the liver and gallbladder just squeeze because they want to “squeeze this stuff out of us”. So, after you drink the olive oil and lemon you lay down on your right side for one hour. That’s the most important part of it, you have to lay on your right side for an hour. The rest of the night you can lay however you want. And you have to have someone with you at this point, from the time you drink olive oil to the end of the flush, you have to have someone with you because if you’re very toxic, and you never know how toxic you are. You could have heavy metal poisoning from when you are a child from going to the dentist and getting amalgam fillings, so we never know what toxins are in us. You know what we walked on in the lawn when we were barefoot as a kid or what heavy metals are we carrying around in the liver. We never know. So, you have to have someone with you in case you pass out. And if you pass out, you wake up, you’re not going to die. You can’t die on this, it was just my fear!

So, I laid down in bed and I fell asleep praying, and when I woke up the first thing you have to do, and you want to have your stuff ready for you…but you wake up and drink a liter of salt water. And what I used was Himalayan Pink Salt because it has minerals in it, it’s not iodized and it’s not processed. The less processed you can get the better for your body, because it’s going to be assimilated better. And this is like a Betsy-Wetsy doll. You know those dolls where you put a bottle in the mouth and then it (the fluid) comes out. That’s how this is, because your body doesn’t absorb sea salt. It just passes right through you.

Ashley: And how much salt for the liter of water?

Katie Fisher: Well, you want it to taste like seawater. Usually it’s about a teaspoon of salt dissolved in warm water, stir it up and drink it. And you can’t drink the whole thing all at once, because before you’re finished drinking, you’re going to have to go. While you’re drinking, walk to the bathroom! Literally, and you want to have someone nearby in case all these toxins that are leaving through your intestines, that are all cleaned out from eating apples for three days, so they’re all susceptible to whatever toxins are being pushed out of you, you’re going to feel it. You may feel nauseous, and you may want to throw up. And you might feel a little dizzy, so you might faint because of the amount of toxins that are pushing through your system at that point in time. Whenever you feel nauseous, it’s the colon saying there’s toxins in me… get it out! So, we go to the bathroom and you’re going to see all this stuff coming out of you. Apple pieces and little green, emerald green pellets.

Ashley: And this is from your poop?

Katie Fisher: Yes. Because the saline water doesn’t go through your kidneys, it goes right through to your intestines, and flushing all of that out. And you’re drinking a whole liter of this and getting a really good flush. And I know this totally sounds gross, but I’m a very curious person, so I took wooden chopsticks and picked the little green pellets out and put them on a towel and took them and put them on a table and pressed them open to see what was inside these little emerald green pellets. I thought, this is just the olive oil, because olive oil needs to come out, and this must just be what it does to come out when mixed with the lemon and the water and all that. I thought, okay this is just a big huge hoax, it’s just olive oil pellets. But, inside the olive oil pellets, and a lot of people say those are gallstones, but I had 125 of them come out of me, so I must have had some stuff in there. So, I pushed them to see if there was some stone in their or what it was, but it was gritty sand inside. So, I was like what are those? Gallstones or Olive oil in the pellets? There were so many of them, and I didn’t dig them all out, but a looked at many and then just kept on drinking the saline all day. And then breaking a fast you always want to start with juices and then go to smoothies or salads. Just raw fruits or vegetables for a few days after that. You don’t want to jump right back into meat, pizza or whatever!

Ashley: Right!

Katie Fisher: Anytime you eat cooked food, especially dairy, your intestines get coated with plaque and mucus so your not absorbing all the good stuff. And so that’s your body’s way of protecting itself from things that aren’t easily digestible. And when you’re doing raw foods, your organs are all cleared out, that’s why it’s really hard for someone who’s 100%raw to eat anything cooked and not feel like complete crap and totally tired. Because it takes a lot for your body’s enzymes to digest anything cooked. We need the enzymes to assimilate and digest and our whole metabolism is based on the enzymes that we’re getting. So, we use up those enzymes anytime we eat cooked food, period. And if you’re eating a lot of good enzymes, then that’s helpful, especially if you eat cooked food. Out of the raw food people in my immediate circle there are very few who are 100% raw, it’s very hard diet to follow, especially in this society where 100% raw foodists, if you’re not in a community where there are other raw foodists, you become either ostracized or your very marginalized. You can’t really go out to eat unless you bring a cup of sunflower seeds and order a salad, and then you’re getting a salad that’s not organic, and trucked here, so it’s using our fossil fuel, so you don’t really want to do that because you want to keep your ecological footprint low… But, some of us have to eat out a lot! We’re on the go a lot!

Katie Fisher On Eating In Season

Ashley: Right, so let me understand more if we’re eating close to nature and so, we don’t all have our gardens, though I’d love to and am on my way! But, if we don’t have a garden, how can we incorporate this eating in season for our region and should it take into account where we were born or is it just for where we’re living now?

Katie Fisher: It’s where we’re living now! If you have really strong ties to where you were born you could get certain things from that climate, but it’s where you’re living now, because your body acclimatizes to wherever it is. So, if you were born in Russia and you moved to Southern California, you’re used to eating lots of borscht and dill and garlic, and dill can grow here, but only in the winter months and not in our summer heat. But your body will acclimatize to the heat here and so your diet will need to reflect what is grown here so you can handle the heat here. Because if you eat an orange that had been growing on a tree like that one right there (point out the window), then the orange which has been sitting out in the 95 degree heat is going to give you the right nutrients that you need to handle that heat as well.

Ashley: Okay, I hadn’t thought of it that way!

Katie Fisher: It makes really good sense. And so the best thing to do is support your local farmers market! I try to be go there every week and buy from every single produce vendor there so they will keep coming back! In Southern California, we are very blessed and lucky! Because we have the largest selection of organic, locally grown produce in the world, even more than Brazil. We have more variety and a lot of the farmers at the farmers market don’t have organic certification, but that’s because they don’t want to pay $10,000 a year for their organic certification, but they are growing it and even more strictly than people who have organic certification because the government, the USDA has allowed loopholes and certain pesticides and herbicides in organic gardening.

Ashley: I didn’t know that.

Katie Fisher: Yeah, you can have a certified organic garden and still use certain, pyrethrum and things like that. Those are not good for us, or good for the animals because they do kill bees and butterflies, which are required by nature to pollinate more plants.

Ashley: Right!

Katie Fisher: And in addition, so we’re not supporting these huge massive farms that come through and they harvest everything in their path and kill a lot of animals and destroy a lot of regional food production. So, we want to be supportive of our local growers as much as we can because they are hard-working families that really care about nature and really care about their land and aren’t just going to destroy it or over-farm it. Because they want it to be sustainable and they want it for the future of their children.

Ashley: And if it’s local at the farmers market then it’s local, and in-season!

Katie Fisher: It would be in-season and you wouldn’t be contributing to massive amounts of driving and packaging, you use your own packaging! You come with your own bags and you bring it home and wash it and eat it and it was picked that morning! The enzymes and the essential minerals and vitamins in it are not getting wasted because it was harvested when it was ripe, so you’re getting all the minerals in it. Something from the grocery store, it was harvested a month ago, too early, it didn’t have time to ripen on the vine. Plus it was bulked up with lots of water and doesn’t have all the vitamins and minerals that it really could have if you were getting it fresh locally. And that’s the biggest thing if you don’t have a garden is you can still shop at the farmers market.

Katie Fisher On What's Best...Intuition!

Ashley: Good. You know I’ve been interested in nutrition a very long time, but there are so many different ideas, everybody has their own idea of what’s the best thing, and why it’s the best thing. There is eating for your blood type diet, there’s the raw diet, and then there was, oh what was that book? If The Buddha Came to Dinner by Hale Sofia Schatz…Did you read that book, it was basically about what’s in season in your area actually. Interesting, so there are just so many different ideas on what’s ideal. So, what do you say?

Katie Fisher: I say follow your intuition! And eat what’s available to you, as organic and close to natural as you can. I’ve worked at health food stores for years and years and years. And I’ve sold so many vitamins and supplements to people and was really tired of seeing them not get better from it. And of course I realize that a lot of our supplements that are available to us are very processed and not bio-available, so they don’t absorb into our cells we just kind of eat them and pass them through. We don’t really absorb the nutrition in them. There’s just not that much that’s viable. And herbs have been dehydrated so a lot of their essential ingredients that were powerful to help heal aren’t there. They’re just dehydrated so you’re not getting a lot of the benefits from them.

So, I just said, I’ve got to find a better way and I found that through the essential oils, they’ll dehydrate the herbs, but then they’ll put these oils back into the herbs, which is the life force of the plant. It’s the alcohol part of the plant, not an oil really, it’s the vaporous part of the plant, which has a really powerful effect on the body. And each plant, you know when you break a leaf on your house plant, what bleeds out, you take that out and concentrate it like 1000 times and that’s the essential oil. And what I found is there are a lot of different essential oils out there too! And there are a lot of different herbs out there too. You want to have the best thing for your buck because you don’t want to just pour your money into something that’s not going to be beneficial.

Ashley: Right.

Katie Fisher: Most people don’t believe in herbs and they don’t believe in essential oils because what they have bought didn’t do anything for them, and they never saw a benefit from them. And they’re getting something that says organic, all-natural, they got it from the really nice health food store and the lady at the health food store was really nice and sold it to them and so they think it’s something that’s going to work, and then it doesn’t. And then they decide they’re not going to use herbs or essential oils again. I’ll just go back to the doctor and get medicine. So, we’re left in this loophole system of things that don’t work, and then covering it up and masking the symptom or the disease, and not fixing the problem. The real healing comes when we’re getting the whole foods, the right nutrition in us. But in order to get the amount of calcium that we need in our bones and our muscles, we need to consume massive amounts of greens, and that’s why I take the blue-green algae and the marine focus, because we’re getting tons of trace minerals that way.

Ashley: Are those in a liquid form?

Katie Fisher: No it’s in a capsule. You can also get vita-mineral greens in a powdered form in a brown-glass jar at the health-food stores. And it has 24 different greens/grasses that are really, really good to consume every day. I do that every day in my smoothie, I also take Aquazon, which is a blue green algae and marine fucus. I take a lot of different herbs, but the herbs that I consume, even though it takes a lot of fuel to get from where they come from to my home, it’s better because the soil in the Amazon is really, really nutrient dense, mineral dense because of all that rain and all that mineral silt. And the way they do it is an old Peruvian tradition of spagyric extracts. They take the herbs, they mash them down with the vegetable-based alcohol, they get all the good juices out of the herbs, then they burn it down and they take that mineral and put it back into the product. So that it’s very alkaline. You’re getting the alkaline ash, the juices from the herbs, so it’s a stronger, more effective product because it has minerals in the virgin soil and it’s all sustainably harvested. The shamans in the jungles of the Amazon, they actually sing to the plants. I love that because I love to sing, and I sing to my plants when I’m watering them… you know, “grow, grow, grow”! I just love the fact that they care for their plants, they’re constantly singing, they say that when you sing to the plants it brings the vibrations to the highest amount of healing. And I was like, I totally believe in that!

Ashley: For sure!

Katie Fisher: And so I consume the herbs from the Amazon and I use a lot of the essential oils that come from Utah because that’s the largest, organically grown source of essential oils that are not processed with alcohol solvent. When you do that you’re just taking the scent, but you’re not getting the vibrations, and the sesquiterpenes, you can put it under a gas chromatograph to see what vapors are coming off of it. And most of the oil that you can buy at the health food store don’t have any volatile compounds in them so you want to get the really good expensive essential oils if you want to use them for healing and see what the gas chromatograph scale reads on them. And they are just way up there, hundreds and hundreds of sesquiterpenes and sesquiterpones.

Ashley: I didn’t know they could measure that!

Katie Fisher: Yeah. Definitely, they have a machine that measures the vapors of what chemicals are coming off of it. So, each plant has thousands of different chemicals that make up the blood of the plants. So, when you use these as essential oils, it goes into every cell of your body within 20 minutes, just inhaling it. The scientists and doctors at the universities are using essential oils to see what it does for cancer, because they have to have a cure for cancer. But in our country, this is a completely taboo subject, because we don’t believe there is a cure for cancer. When in other countries, they are like, are you crazy? Of course there is! But no one here will do it because the chemotherapy and the pharmaceutical companies make millions of dollars in this industry, keeping people sick. And doing cancer therapies makes people tons of money and they don’t want to loose that. They’d rather keep us sick than to heal us, and it’s really sad.

Ashley: It is sad, but we also need to take personal responsibility and so many people would rather just go to the doctor and get cut open or pop a little pill than actually deal with the real issues. To deal with the real problems that we’ve been creating take a lot of effort, guts and commitment.

Katie Fisher: Right, and people don’t realize when they go to the hospital to get cut open, that’s actually a far greater commitment than doing something natural that the body is going to do on it’s own with the right tools. If you go into a surgery, the trauma that it causes to your body, the white blood cells are completely all messed up and then you no longer are getting any white blood cells. And anytime anyone is going in for surgery, I suggest beforehand using lots of lavender, and after, because it creates more white blood cells… so, you’ll heal faster. When you go into the hospital to get a tumor cutout, what happens? Four months later you’ve “healed”. Those cells have a memory and they’ve recreated the same exact problem. That’s why people who’ve had their tumors removed again and again and again. Because the body is still recreating the memory of whatever the cells have in them. Getting things cut out is only another band-aid, and not the solution. Nutrition is the solution.

Katie Fisher On Preparing For Pregnancy

Ashley: Let me ask you another question, on the big overall preparing for pregnancy, tell me overall what do you recommend to your clients, to women.

Katie Fisher: First thing is the cleanse, then increase your amounts of vitamin C. And not just any vitamin C, what I strongly recommend is the Camu-Camu Berry because it’s the highest amount of vitamin C. This plant lives half the year in water, half way up the tree. Then there will be dark berries that grow and they have so much vitamin C in them. What happens is when we are infertile, the uterus does not have the right amount of minerals and nutrients in them to hold onto a fertilized egg and it will just drop it. And that’s why miscarriages happen all the time. It will just drop it out. I’ve seen it happen again and again where a woman has conceived and she is carrying and then all of a sudden she has a miscarriage and she wonders why, maybe she has too much stress, the body is using a lot of nutrients to keep up with the stress in life. If you work to hard, do a lot of physical exercise, it’s not because you did something wrong, it’s because you don’t have the right amount of nutrients in your body to hold onto a growing fetus, which can take tons and tons of your nutrients out of your body. In order to conceive I suggest really ramping up on the Camu-Camu vitamin C, because it’s going to help adhere the fetus to the wall so that it can grow. Help that egg/embryo sac adhere so you won’t miscarry. That’s the most important thing to do to get lots of minerals in your body.

Ashley: And you’re basically talking at implantation?

Katie Fisher: Right, a stronger implantation, it will adhere, it will stick in there because you have a lot of calcium in your body, a lot of the acid aminos and the essential minerals in your body that really give a baby what it needs. If your body doesn’t have it, it’s not going to keep something in it growing that’s taking too much from your body. We all must realize first that our body is never wrong! Our body is always doing exactly what it needs to do to survive. That’s why it feeds tumors, because it sees something toxic in there and says, I’ve got to cover it up so that it doesn’t affect the rest of the body. But if we keep on creating it, the tumor grows, or the cancer spreads, and malignancies happen because we don’t have the right sense mechanisms. And we really have ramp up on the sense mechanisms of the body, which is the antioxidants, trace minerals, enzymes. Things like that so we can absorb the minerals and nutrition that we are getting.

I know a woman who was infertile and she did a three-year liver cleanse! For three years she was doing dark greens, essential oil therapy, like clary sage and things that are really good for the hormones. She’s fifty years old, no conception, and no baby. And she’d been doing the liver cleanse. Finally, she’d done a lot of essential oils and omega’s and minerals and the liver cleanse/colon cleanse really detoxed her body. And it took her three years to really get all new cells in her body. The whole time she’s doing this, she’d stopped aging because she was getting so many antioxidants in her body. When she’d stopped doing this, her body had stopped getting older and was creating new cells that were healthy and viable. And at the age of 50 she conceived and gave birth naturally to a healthy baby boy.

Ashley: Goodness.

Katie Fisher: And then the next year she had another baby! And her husband is like 65 and she’s 50 and they’ve got two baby boys! But, they don’t look their age, because they do tons of antioxidants. And they have a really good, positive outlook on life. They help people all the time, and so I think that’s just God saying, you don’t have to age. You don’t have to go through menopause if your body is healthy and has all the minerals and nutrients it needs, it doesn’t do that. It doesn’t age.

There’s a guy, the inventor of the fax machine and the thing that reads for blind people, he’s just this brilliant genius who has stopped aging. Period. He takes all these tests and goes to this doctor who’s a longevity specialist and the doctor says, the cells of your body say you’re forty years old. And he’s 50+. And he’s trying to live long enough to find a way to be immortal! He’s an inventor who wants to keep on inventing things! So, it can be done. Women in Africa can conceive and carry at 80 years old. They don’t even have menopause in other countries. It’s very typical of the US because we don’t have the minerals in our soil. Every since the 40s the Ag department said to the US government, look are soil isn’t viable anymore, we’ve depleted our soil.

So, what are we going to do? We are giving our people nutrient-deficient foods. The body is going to digest it, but it’s just going to age faster. Now it’s said we have a longer life expectancy, and how can this be if we’re not getting any nutrition and everything? I don’t know how it all works, but I think it’s because we had so many bacteria-killers in the world that we’re not getting sick as we used too. We’re not dieing as early because we used to have all these influenzas and the plague and all that. So, now that we have the tools that we can kill off of the bacterial strains that cause disease, we can out live them or not even get them.

Katie Fisher Says: Eat Your Antioxidants!

Ashley: Right. So, when you talk about more antioxidants, are you talking more live fresh foods and all of them have more antioxidants, or are there ones you want to go after more?

Katie Fisher: The darker the fruit the more antioxidant, the antioxidant is the color the pigment of the fruit. And it can go into the cells, so what we have is cells that break down and are degenerative cells called free radicals, then an antioxidant can go in there and can actually bring a negative ion with it and charges the cell with the negative ion. Then it will pull out the free radical that is damaging and destructive. Then it neutralizes them. So there are these cells around the body that are dead and then when we get the antioxidants we have all these healthy blood cells that will scavenge all these unhealthy free radicals that are dying and go in there and pull them out, and detox them. They go through the intestines and we poop them out. That’s why poop is brown, from the dead blood, it’s old dead blood cells and not just food that didn’t get assimilated.

Ashley: I didn’t know that. That’s so cool.

Katie Fisher: Bodies are just so complex and amazing and so efficient. If you give them the right tools, they will really heal so much faster. People who have cancer and the doctors can’t do anything for them anymore. I say, come to me I will help you. I can’t promise anything, but I will at least tell you what the doctors won’t tell you. You can even just do lots of research online, but it’s hard because people put so much information out there. And there’s so much advertising out there for medical stuff. And it can be overwhelming because you can find conflicting results and you don’t know exactly where to pinpoint your research. So I say, lets save people time and help them. If we know people who are wanting to conceive or have a natural birth or wanting to cure their cancer so they can conceive. You know I know a lot of women who are pregnant and have cancer. And that’s really sad because their bodies are so nutrient-deficient. And it’s amazing they keep the baby and don’t miscarry.

Katie Fisher On Pregnancy and Being RAW

Ashley: So, when you’re pregnant, I am a lot raw, I’d say about 75%, but one of the big questions, (in being a non meat eater) is about all the protein. So, what do you recommend for nutrition for protein for people who don’t eat meat.

Katie Fisher: What I do is a Cordyceps blend, I take reishi, shitaki and mitaki every single day.

Ashley: Is that a pill?

Katie Fisher: No, it’s a powder from a food. It’s a food, a mushroom that has been powdered. So, I put it in my smoothie every day and so it’s higher protein than anything else. So, I don’t feel like I’m lacking in anything. I also do a lot of brown rice bran and I do a lot of hemp seed. Hemp is really, really good in Omegas. And also sunflower seed, different nuts. But the biggest source for me is the mushrooms.

Ashley: And can you get that at the health food store normally?

Katie Fisher: Maybe. I get mine from the Botanical Preservation Corps. They specialize in super foods, so I get a lot of stuff from them. They have Spirulina and Chlorella and they have the mushrooms blends. They sell Maca so I get a lot of my stuff from them and from the Amazon Herb Company. They have the algae and the Camu-Camu. So, every day I drink their Zamu drink, it’s like Mona Vie times 100 or 1000! In terms of the ORAC scale, the oxygen ratio absorption. The amount of oxygen and antioxidants that you’re going to get from drinking Acai or Mona Vie. There are so many drinks out there now that are really popular, and people are making massive amounts of money selling them but I say, Mona Vie is less concentrated nutrients than the Zamu and that’s why I drink the Zamu. So much nutrient and mineral rich you’re actually going to be recreating stem cells, which is what we want to be doing is getting really healthy cells. And it has cacao in it, which is a really good, highly overlooked super food. Tons of minerals and high in antioxidants. It’s really good for you. I don’t really suggest that people go out and eat lots of chocolate because it has dairy and sugar in it, but when you’re getting raw chocolate that is an amazing super food and you can eat as much of it as you want and it doesn’t tax your adrenals. Normally when chocolate is processed or coffee, it taxes your adrenals and gives you this false sense of energy. The energy drinks, like those five-hour energy shots they have aspartame and phenylalanine in it, which is a carcinogen. And there are all these crazy herbs in it that tax the adrenals. They give you a false sense of energy, energy that comes from your kidneys and your liver that push out of a lot of adrenaline, but the problem is you’re not refilling it. So, you’re body is aging every time you’re doing those energy drinks you age faster!

Ashley: And we don’t want that!

Katie Fisher: Right. So, definitely do the cleanse, don’t put anything toxic on your body! If you put it on your body, you should be able to eat it! No laurel sulfites or fragrances.

Ashley: My skin looks the best now that I’m using olive oil than it’s ever looked in its life!

Katie Fisher: Olive oil is what Zsa Zsa Gabor uses! And she swears by it and Elizabeth Taylor! She uses it too and swears by it.

Ashley: Well, my chin used to break out and we were in France, and I’d run out of everything and my skin was so broken out, I thought I’m going to have to have a facial to get this to stop. You know, it was just at one of those points in dairy-land with my stepchildren and travel, so stress! So, I was like, what do I have for tonight? I’ll put olive oil on, and so the next morning I could already feel the skin itching from healing. You know how the skin itches from healing?

Katie Fisher: Yep.

Ashley: So, I was like YES! And so I never had to do the facial and it never broke out after that again!

Katie Fisher: Nice. I used to break out so bad, I was so embarrassed and I wouldn’t wear make-up because I thought that would cause me to break out even more. And then when I went into the raw foods and the super foods my face cleared up a lot. And now, I’ve been traveling a lot and eating more cooked foods and more stress, and not having my regular routine, so I noticed my face started to break out and I switched my face regime, I switched from one line of product then I went to one that was completely chemical-free. And my skin just keeps getting better and better.

I noticed when I turned 30, so 4 years ago, I had these super fine lines and crows feet and everything! It was overnight that it happened! And I just thought this can’t be! I’m too young! And so I started more of the super foods and more of the natural skin care and about 1 year ago I switched to the chemical free and the fine lines and crows feet disappeared! I was putting the Camu-Camu serum on my face and I was eating these herbs, and putting them on the skin! It was like a natural sun block and I’m always gardening and in the sun. So, I was really worried that I was getting too much sun, but with the herbs in me I have this natural defense from the sun because these herbs are growing with the sun pounding on them all day long so they build up these natural sun blocks. And then you're ingesting them and putting it on the face and it’s a great non-toxic thing!

So, I noticed a huge difference. Sunspots minimized and the dryness and wrinkles have gone away and a lot of the acne is gone. But also the liver cleansing is really good. I didn’t do one this year, but did one last year and I don’t do them all the time, but I think if people are toxic they should do one every year. But if they’re doing raw foods, I don't think it's as necessary because you're not getting toxins through the diet, so why do it if you don’t need it. If we’re getting all the foods in us that do it naturally, things that cleanse the liver are things like kale, beets, anything that has dark green leafy vegetable on it. And herbs are great for the liver and if we support it every day then we don’t have to get bogged down and need it to be restarted, which is what the cleanse is for.

Ashley: Well, on that note, unless there is something else, I think we’ll call it a day?

Katie Fisher: That’s it.

Ashley: Well, thank you so much!

Katie Fisher: Thank you!

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