Interviews on Natural Birth

There is nothing like reading interviews on natural birth and family care to help you proclaim "Yes, that is exactly what I want to do!" or "I would never want to do that!" That's why we've included these verbatim interviews on this website. To us, there is nothing like getting the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! That being said, please remember these are people just like you and me. They are continually learning and growing, just as "science" is continually changing it's opinion: is the world flat or round or illusion? We have to make our way through our answers. And so it is for child birth. You will have a unique experience with every child that you have, so find your way as you make your way. What you may not be able to stand in one pregnancy, works in another. And so it is for birth as well and in child raising. Interviews are here to give you other mothers and experts opinions. They are just that, opinions! They will not always be the answer for you, but they can be an inspiration, for either a big resounding yes, or a big resounding no, or an "I'll think about it!" Great we've served our purpose!

I had the pleasure to speak a Holistic Health Practitioner named Katie Fisher about the importance of the liver, how we can support it and cleanse it...and the importance of doing each of these as we prepare for conception as well as every other day of our life! She provides us with lots of nutrition support, including the importance of eating in season and how to support ourselves by eating raw! I am inspired, I hope you are too!

I sat down and chatted with Dr. Sarah Buckley, family physician, mother of four, author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering, experienced in home birth, undisturbed birth and lotus birth! Sarah talks with us about the importance of setting the atmosphere to be the most undisturbed as possible, no matter where we birth, and to choose wisely only those around us who know the importance of non-interference. She also shares incredible stories about our baby's connection to the placenta, the cord and joys of lotus birth.

Whether you're trying to conceive, preparing for natural birth or making your way through parenthood, be inspired and surprised by Jean Liedloff's interview on The Continuum Concept, Jean spent two and a half years living with the Stone Age Indians in South America, she never saw children fight amongst themselves or with their parents! She also shares with us her experience of a birth happening right underneath her hammock, and she sleeping through it... lets open our ideas to "natural birth" and child-raising!

And if you enjoy Jean's interview, you'll enjoy Star Newland's interview as she was deeply touched by Jean's work in her early motherhood. Star opens our eyes to another way to birth: birthing with dolphins and creating pod environments that are supportive to ourselves and our children! She also opens the door further for us to consider "natural" vs. "normal" and to help us realize that being in the present is the best way to prepare for pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood!

Neurobiologist Michael Hyson gives us so much great information on water birth, the awareness of our newborns, imprinting and how important gentleness is that we've got a two part interview! Above is part one where we discover Michael's connection to birthing and dolphins and click Michael Hyson Part II to see the second addition where we get more information on imprinting and how our birthing is creating our societies. Michael works with Star at

Also check out the Craniosacral Therapy and The Alexander Technique interviews where we hear from Debra Bochinski a doula and Craniosacral Therapist and Christie Johnson, a Craniosacral Therapist and teacher of the Alexander Technique about how to heal and alleviate body pain and fear, dance in communication with our child and create a healthy, loving body and family.

The discussion on prenatal bonding gets us inspired by Parenting Coach Traci Gaffney on fun ways to start communicating now with your little one, whether you've conceived or not, whether you're prenatal or nurturing your new baby! Then continue to develop your bonding experience in the talk on Infant Massage with International Infant Massage Educator, trainer and humanitarian Suzanne P. Reese and discover how simple and helpful infant massage can be in connecting with your baby, and keeping that connection full of love as your child grows and develops.

If you've just found out you're pregnant with twins check out my question and answer session with Brenda Capps, a Direct Entry Midwife who gives us her unique view after delivering many home births of twins!

Don't miss Jamie's interview on elimination communication to help open the eyes on all the diaper possibilities! Whether it's to lower the waste in the landfills, or increase the communication between you and your child, this interview is honest and inspiring, and leaves room for lots of flexibility!

Through Cai Anderson's chat on Baby Care and Introducing Solids, you will learn about a mother who found her way out of her child's illness by taking a good look at western medicine versus natural health, a mother who learned to feed her child in a raw, easy way. And while you're trying to figure out the best way to nourish your baby and support your baby's health, whether your pregnant or raising your baby, read Naturopath's Melinda Fouche's interview on what makes up a healthy pregnancy, children and pregnancy nutrition. Melinda's experience as a mother whose children all had learning disabilities spurred her on to investigate and specialize in what it is we are doing to the brains and bodies of our little ones that have long-lasting impacts. Find out how you can fully support the developing child that you love, whether it's inside of you or out!

Whether you're just now pregnant, have an infant, or 3 year old, you'll gain a lot from reading Ari's talk on discipline, or gentle guidance as she calls it. A way of communicating that goes beyond getting your child to "obey", and focuses on working with your child as a teammate and being a true leader...looking at what's behind the behavior and what your child is really needing from you, and this can start in the womb! And don't miss Matt and Brandy's interview on trying to conceive. They wanted to work with the universe and not interfere. They wanted to give up trying to control a situation that to them seemed uncontrollable: easy to say after you've been trying a month, but not so easy after a year!

More and more chats are being done, some of them are 45 minutes, some are an hour and forty-five. They are included so you can read with all the fascination that I got to listen to any number of topics in natural baby care and natural pregnancy. And though this is a growing site, if you have someone or a specific topic who you'd really like to see interviewed and added, please let us know. This site is for all of us on the journey to and through parenthood. Read, be touched and lead with an open heart.