Elimination Communication Top 10 Tips

When faced with elimination communication, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if you're a first-time mother or you have your hands full with other children! But have no fear, your top 10 tips are here! Before we get into that, remember the goal is to respond to your babies needs as they happen, with love and nurturing. Just like with all of parenting, there is a learning curve, and no two days are going to be the exact same! We grow together, so take a breath and lets dive in!

1. The sooner to start, the sooner to catch! As a newborn, watch for your baby to eliminate, as soon as you see it happening, make a "psss" or "ssss" sound, or whatever comes naturally to you, and then keep it consistent, every time your baby eliminates, make the cueing sound!

2. When you miss and baby goes in their diaper, on the floor, or on you, shrug your shoulders and say "next time!" There is nothing more important than a nice relaxed attitude that it's going to work out!

3. Find a supportive elimination communication community. Check out www.diaperfreebaby.org, online yahoo or meet up groups. Support is a great way to gain ideas, share triumphs and be renewed when tired.

4. Think about your own habits, and then notice the rhythms of baby. For example, as adults we usually eliminate after sleeping and a while after eating. Baby will probably be like this too. Baby will normally stir in sleep before eliminating. Like eating, baby has an eliminating rhythm! At first baby will eliminate more frequently, but there's a rhythm.

5. Take a change of clothes for baby when going on an outing! Some parents find in the beginning they use diapers on outings, but a back up outfit, is sure to keep baby comfortable, whether there is a "miss" or a "catch" with elimination communication.

6. Fill a spray bottle with 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water: spray any area that's peed on i.e.: clothes, furniture, car, etc. Takes the urine smell away! (Hasn't stained anything yet, but be sure and use common sense and test a little before spraying big!)

7. Follow your intuition: don't talk yourself out of it! Mother's have it, father's have it, everybody has it! The more you are connected to someone, sometimes the easier it is to feel it, but be sure and trust yourself. If your intuition says pee baby, and you just did 10 minutes ago, trust yourself and try again.

8. Avoid disposable diapers, if you can. Apparently, they're so good at keeping the skin dry, it's hard for our babies not to get used to peeing in them.(good for the diaper companies, and us if we need them in a pinch, not good for potty training or elimination communication)

9. Look to your baby's signals! We all know the red face and the grunting that can come along with trying to eliminate poop, you might also find babies being very still, or making a certain smile before elimination.

10. Have fun and build bridges to the future! Elimination communication is about bonding and assisting baby with something they can't yet do for themselves. It's not life or death, it's one more shared moment. We decide how we want to share the moment, so take the time to share it with fun! Relax and share it with love!

Enjoy elimination communication article.