Dreams As Guidance

Dreams can be incredibly helpful as we walk our paths, it was several years ago when I started to pay attention to my nightly inspirations, even taking the time to write them down most mornings, and what I’ve found is nutrition advice, upcoming pregnancy announcements, front row views to my internal stressors and fears, and even encounters of how powerful our spirits really are. Dreams can’t be underestimated! Not only can we learn from them, but we can ask our higher spirits to reveal things to us through this line of communication! These gifts are pivotal as we make our way through preconception, pregnancy and guiding our children.

Interpreting our messages doesn’t take a book, in fact I’d say to not use a dream book, for they are symbols, and symbols are cultural, but also individual, so when looking at our symbolic pictures we only need to ask ourselves what does this symbol mean culturally and to me?

For example, I dreamt last night of having our convertible car open, and suddenly there were bees all over the place inside. If you think of cars, they are symbolic for our identities, as Americans our cars have literally come to be a representation of who we are (like it or not, they are a statement!) And my car identity had lots of bees in it! Well, I’m afraid of bees, and so, my dream was showing me how my fears and stinging thoughts are running rampant in me.

You may have another interpretation, and an analyst might have another, but as long as we are finding helpful information in them, and we see our truth reflecting back at us, we’ll know we’ve understood what we need.

After my first miscarriage, before my second pregnancy I dreamt that the next month was when we’d get pregnant, and just after ovulation the next month I look down in my dream and find a little girl inside. Sure enough we were pregnant!

We can also find a wonderful source of guidance for what our bodies need! We were recently preparing for pregnancy again, and I’m suddenly seeing of all these foods that I need! In one dream a man was taking me out to get some proteins/fats from the garden and I know we’re going after sunflower seeds, but then I only see one sunflower, so then he says he’ll also be showing me how to pick wild mushrooms and all the while I’m literally drinking from my coconut oil jar!

The funny thing is even before this, I felt like I had to hold myself back from literally drinking the coconut oil because my body loved it so much, and here I find I shouldn’t be holding myself back! That my body needs it! Now that doesn’t mean that you should start drinking the coconut oil, which is the magic of it. Our dreams are our own unique communication with our highest selves. We receive wisdom, guidance and a unique view at our hopes/fears…not to mention directions on where to go next or communication from our babies! Sometimes we are sent to a person, a school, a food or even another state through these nightly messages!

Being gentle as we interpret for our dreams are meant to be helpful. When I was having a miscarriage, I asked my Self to let me know if there was anything I needed to do, or if the baby was okay just after I started spotting. I was shown a baby being kidnapped and later the baby was given back. I woke up thinking okay, big drama, but everything was fine, so I’m just scared, but it’ll be fine!

And yet, looking back on it, I see it was a dream that the pregnancy would end, but in the end we’d be pregnant again… however, my hopes and desires wanted to interpret it different. But in the end, we miscarried, but I know we will be pregnant again…I can already feel our baby's presence. Our dreams are meant to help us, but we never know these things unless we pay attention! So, how can we use our them more?

1. Wake Up and Write 'Em Down!

Many nights I’ve got up to 4-5 dreams, sometimes I will hardly remember one. But I jot them down and as I do so, frequently in the writing of them I remember more details, or even another. If we make this our top priority we’ll A: start to remember more, B: not get busy and then forget them all before we finally pick up a pen later in the day!

Do it first!

2. Ask “What’s the Lesson?”

Sometimes it’s easy to see what we are being shown, sometimes we just don’t get it! But if we take the pressure out of understanding every little detail and focus on “what’s the lesson?” We’re much more likely to get the big picture help and not get lost in the minor details. Now some people don’t think there are any minor details, since all is symbolic they say it is all important, and for the most part I would agree, but I don’t want to spend all day analyzing either. So, do what you can and forget about perfect interpretation!

3. Intend for Help and Guidance!

If we’re facing a problem we can ask our higher selves for guidance through our dreams! Most of my guidance I have gotten naturally, but we can also think of something we need guidance on before we go to bed and ask for it! I like to ask for it three times, just to get the intention in there good and grounded… and then see what I'm shown in the night. I must say, I don’t do this very often, but I know others who do.

4. Play with Lucid Dreaming.

Most of us at some point will have a dream and in it we know we are dreaming, this is called lucid dreaming. The one time I used this with pregnancy was where I was shown the baby inside me, and I knew I could turn the baby to see the sex! (a little girl). But I’ve also played with lucid dreaming at other times and find it fun! I can’t say it’s been as helpful in my life as just paying attention and learning lessons and advice from my dreams, but it is fun and revealing!

So, if this is something that interests you, I encourage you to intend to know you’re dreaming the next time you dream, then we’ve got a space to play with flying, confronting things that are scaring us and all kinds of great adventures!

No matter what our past experience, we all are capable of dreaming and we can all remember our dreams. It’s a matter of attention and intention. As we open up to this world of nightly guidance, we see that we’ve opened up to a whole other avenue to our intuition and internal guidance.

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