Conscious Conception: Open And Allow

Conscious conception allows us too look at trying to conceive in a very different light. Instead of holding the responsibility in our own hands and “trying to conceive” our child as quickly as possible (which can be very tempting and very frustrating), conscious conception shifts us into co-creators,

allowing us to embrace and invite our spirit-child into our lives as a co-creator coming into our family. What’s important for us to realize as we walk this journey into parenthood, or when welcoming a new spirit, is that it’s miraculous! It’s not only about sperm meeting egg, there is magic in it that we cannot fully explain through science. We want to make space for not only our timing, but also our baby’s timing.

Conscious Conception As Sharing and Receiving

When we opened to conception the second time, I was so excited! I felt like I’d waited forever for that day to come, and what thrilled me even more than a positive pregnancy test (in fact we never even took one) was our baby revealing itself to me in my dreams. One night before I even missed a period, I looked down inside me and I see this beautiful golden baby’s head, like one of those 4D ultrasounds. Just beautiful and glowing and I was curious about the sex, so I tried to let my gaze travel down the body of my baby. But I kept loosing it as I went, so finally on the third time instead of moving my eyes, I flipped the baby so it was butt up, and it was a little vulva that I saw! I woke up ecstatic, knowing that it was a visit from our little girl.

Many parents “feel” their child hanging around before they conceive patiently, or not so patiently, waiting for them to be welcomed in. Others, like me, have dreams announcing our little ones have made our wombs their home. Whether communication is reached through meditation, dreams, or just a feeling we become aware of in our everyday lives or when making love, we all are capable of communicating with our spirit babes, moms and dads alike. We can make contact and just spend time with our little ones, or they can actually alert us if there is something that they need that they’re not getting. Many problems have been averted because of communication from the spirit child. As we approach conception, conscious conception allows us to use this time to open communication with our spirit babes.

Many of us are familiar with talking to our child in-womb, but here we aren’t just talking, we’re talking and listening with our child in-womb or even pre-womb. If we start with an intention to being open and available, we may be surprised by what we receive! It can be through a feeling, a voice, a thought or even just a knowing. Let it develop, it doesn’t have to be just a one-time experience, but a practice to take time out on a regular basis to share and receive!

Conscious Opening

Conscious conception also takes us out of the realm of trying to conceive and into the realm of opening, allowing and receiving our baby. Consider the words for a moment, “trying to conceive” versus “opening, allowing and receiving”. They invoke very different feelings in us. With trying to conceive the pressure is on! It’s very much like the carrot dangling just out of our reach! We are salivating and running as fast as we can to get “there” and yet it’s a moving target!

But with opening, allowing and receiving, we are literally making space in our lives and in our bodies for our spirit child. We are preparing our homes, our wombs and our habits to be a match with what we want to give our little ones.

Conscious Preparation

Conscious conception takes the time to prepare our mind, body and spirit… meaning if we are always, or often, on the run, working, tired or constantly fighting, we want to work with our highest wisdom to change whatever circumstances in our life now that will best serve us when our babies are with us. Thus, it’s not drastic overhauls that need to happen when baby arrives in-womb or in-arms. Of course there may always be adjustments, but we have already made the space healthy, the body healthy and the mind healthy. We don’t need to be perfect, for we are made perfect by being ourselves... But we need to be available, open and willing to adjust. This is our focus.

When we think of the babies that are coming in these days, the Crystal Children and the Rainbow Children, these children need parents who are open to their needs, who aren’t trying to fit them in a box, or in a timeline, but really just be with them and respond to their needs. As we move through conscious conception, we are letting our children know, we are doing everything, even now before conception/birth that we can for them. How happy our children must be to see us so accepting and loving.

Conscious Conception As Sacred Opportunity

Conscious conception is a sacred opportunity, we are entering a time of co-creating new life! How incredible is that! When we enter into the medical timeline of when and how a baby should come, it is easy to forget that this is a miraculous process. We are not a factory farm, we are co-creating little human beings with beautiful, wise spirits. Lets take our ideas of how it “should” be, what we think “trying to conceive” is about, and let ourselves delve into the sacredness of the life/death circle. We are working with nature, embracing that the flowers bloom after the rains in the spring, every thing has its season, and this is also true with our children. Working with our bodies, our babies and our beliefs we can have a conscious conception and be a conscious parent.

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