Circumcision: Not My Style of Welcoming

Circumcision… if you’re still considering it, I’m glad you’re here. I come from a land where it was (maybe still is) the norm. But what is circumcision? I was recently talking with my mom about female genital mutilation (cutting off the clitoris – ouch!). We were both saddened and horrified that women in other cultures were still being abused in such a way. The clitoris is the most sensitive part of the woman’s body, and if you’re a woman and haven’t figured this out yet, I invite you to spend some quality time rubbing coconut oil over your clitoris to see just how sensitive and delightful it is!

But anyways… here we are talking and upset about how women are abused with what is also called female circumcision… so what happens? I go on to say something along the lines of, “well, it’s like our little baby boys being circumcised, they have no choice, they are helpless and put through horrible mutilation of their most sensitive parts.” Now, my mom didn’t get my comparison, as I said in our land it is considered very “normal”. She went on to tell me how my cousin had his little boy circumcised so he could look just like him, "and it wasn't that bad". So, I wanted to write this. Now, I don’t need to convince my mom, she’s a grandma now and she had two girls, but I want to encourage any of you who are still on the fence to “Just Say No to Circumcision!” or better yet to “Embrace your child’s penis just as nature intended it to be!”

Foreskin as Eyelid.

Every part of our body serves a function. Even if we haven’t figured it out yet, nature doesn’t waste, it uses everything and then recycles what it doesn’t need and turns it into something else. So here our little baby boys arrive, beautiful, with these little penises and these big balls… we need to know that not only does the penis have it’s use, but the foreskin does too! Thinking of the foreskin as something similar to the eyelid helped me understand why I really don’t want to endorse circumcision or volunteer my own little boy to the doctor.

The eyelid protects the eye, keeps it clean, and helps keep the dirt out and the moisture in. The foreskin serves a similar function, whether you are practicing EC or using diapers, the foreskin is there to keep the glans (head of penis) and urinary opening clean and protected from urine and feces and all the outside elements that it may come across on it’s naked days... and on those unlucky day where he gets clothes put on him, the foreskin will protect him from the harsh rubbing of clothes. There is no special care of uncircumcised babies, there is no special washing or hygiene… just like there is no special washing of the inside of the eyelid. We leave it alone, practicing only basic hygiene and it works perfectly!

If for some reason the eye gets infected, we don’t cut off the eyelid and so it is with the foreskin. If ever one day our little boys have infections, say no to circumcision and yes to healing. Healing the infection isn’t about cutting off the most sensitive part of the penis. It’s about finding the cause of the infection and healing that. Remember everything serves a purpose.

Foreskin as Pleasure.

The foreskin of the penis, the part that is removed during circumcision is the most sensitive area of the penis. Like our clitoris, the foreskin is filled with nerve receptors that are connected to the pleasure parts of our brains. That means, that if we remove the foreskin from our little ones we are taking away the most sensitive part of their lovemaking. I definitely choose to keep my clitoris! Now, I don’t know about you, but I have more respect to their future partners than to cut off the part of my little boy that’s going to let him be the most sensitive lover he can be and enjoy sex as much as is possible for him!

Babies Feel Everything!

Many people argue that circumcision is okay because babies don’t feel anything, well most of us moms have can easily see that our babies feel everything! Our babies are aware in our bellies, they can be scared, feel pain and have even been shown to move away from amniocentesis needles while in the womb, trying to escape the pain. If they are that aware during their development, is it really likely that they develop non-feeling as soon as they arrive earth-bound? Hardly!

I honestly believe babies to be at one of their most sensitive times just after birth because of the great changes and the great awareness and learning that our little ones are going through. After a certain amount of time we start to accept our experience as a given and can even become less aware. For example, think about the last time you were on your way home from work or the grocery store. If you’ve taken the route a long time, you are so familiar with the route, that you just drive it (or walk it) while thinking about many other things… it wasn’t the same as when you drove it for the first time, where your attention was glued to the road looking for signs.

A Proper Welcome Home Party!

Now lets put ourselves in our child’s shoes, they’ve just gone through a huge journey, they’ve traveled the birth canal, squeezed and squished making their way out of their home, traveling by instinct into a new land. They come through and we take them up to our breast and they decide, maybe the journey was worth it, look how beautiful this place is…I get love and yummy food! Do we really want to smack them with cutting off the most precious and sensitive part of the penis in our welcoming ceremony or anytime thereafter? Circumcision is not the most welcoming homecoming I can imagine, in fact in my head it seems like just about the cruelest idea we could come up with.

For every decision we make about what to do after our child’s birth, let us not bow down to our own fears or society’s idea of “right” but let us focus on how we can nourish our children to wholeness and let them be who they are, who nature intended them to be and who they intend to be.

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