Birth Stories: Unassisted Birth of Quantum Michael

Birth Stories: Welcoming Quantum Michael

Note from Ashley, Creator of Love Natural Birth: I met this beautiful mama on a chat board while being pregnant...and it was such a joy to see a mama so totally trusting of herself and the birth process. She shared with me her story of her own home, unassisted birth...and was in the process of planning her second free birth. May we all be so blessed with such trust wherever we choose to birth.

Natural Birth Stories: Birthing Unassisted

Where do I begin? I guess I'll start with why I decided to have an unassisted birth. Last February (a few months before I got pregnant) I started researching hospitals/doctors in the area when I randomly came across My intuition told me that this was right for me. I immediately felt very comfortable with the idea that birth is a natural, normal process that if left to its own devices will much more often than not go smoothly. I've always trusted my body very deeply, so it makes perfect sense to me that if a woman's body knows how to grow a baby then it will also know how to birth it. Medical intervention seemed to be a bother (to say the least) for such an intense, amazing experience. Having a midwife was slightly appealing, but I knew that I wouldn't be able to completely let go of my inhibitions if I had one around.

After I got pregnant in April, I started reading as much as I could about the nature of birth including inspiring birth stories that made me trust even more that my body knew what to do. My husband and I also prepared for any and all complications that could arise and had a back-up plan in case we couldn't handle whatever might come up.

Birth Stories: The Birthing Begins On A Full Moon

On Wednesday, January 3rd, I had a feeling that tonight might be the night due to having strong contractions off and on for a few days prior and also the fact that it was a full moon. My instincts were right for at about 5:30 PM they started up again. They were pretty much like how they had been the past few days (a low crampy feeling in my front and back), so it wasn't until a few hours later that I started thinking this might really be it. My husband and I put in a movie and we started timing the contractions. For awhile they were averaging about 7 minutes apart and slowly picking up intensity. I was still able to talk and breathe pretty easily through them (and watch the movie), so I still wasn't sure if I was really going to give birth or not. During the latter half of the movie (it was around 10/10:30 at this point) they started getting closer together and stronger. Now I had to concentrate on my breathing and consciously allow the waves of intensity to come. That's a great way to describe them: waves of intensity for they didn't exactly hurt nor were they were particularly pleasurable.

At 11 I had some bloody show, so there was no mistaking it now...this was definitely it!! Between about 11 and midnight they were still about how they were during the latter half of the movie...pretty intense but definitely manageable. At midnight I started feeling sleepy since that's when I normally go to bed, so my husband and I went and laid down in the bedroom. We had already set up the area next to the bed with an old shower curtain, several blankets and towels. My sweet husband put his hand on mine as the waves came stronger and stronger. It felt natural to moan deeply through wasn't a conscious thing, really, the moans felt like an involuntary response to what my body was doing. As the waves got stronger, so did the moans...what started out as a nice, gentle noise slowly evolved into deep, animal-like bellows at the end of labor. Being so wrapped up into myself (and also not having anyone around but my husband) I didn't feel the least bit self-conscious about them.

I moved onto the floor at around 12:30 or so (I wasn't exactly staring at the clock at this point). Chris brought me a chair to lean on as squatted/kneeled in front of it. Now is where the fun really began! The waves were coming about a minute apart (maybe less), they lasted what felt like eons with a distinct peek in the middle of each one. Trusting my body deeply, I knew it was doing what it needed to do even though I didn't particularly like it. I didn't hate it,'s hard to describe. I guess a good way to describe it would be I was completely immersed in the process...there really was no separation between the "two" of us. I could feel my cervix expanding pretty rapidly now, so I knew the moment had to be pretty near.

Birth Stories: The Waves Were Crashing...

Now the waves were taking over my body to the point where I felt like I might not be able to go on...I knew then that I was at transition. They welled up fiercely inside me and crashed down against my cervix. I could feel the head starting to push down as the waves crashed, which was the first time I felt any real pain. Now with the deep, bellowing moans came "Owww!!" at the end of each one. I decided to lay on my side, propped up on one arm with one leg in the air (what a site that must have been lol).

As the head made it's way into the birth canal I felt like my body was opening up. My cervix screamed at me with a burning sensation, and I seriously wondered if my vaginal canal was splitting into two. Now the head was coming out...between waves I asked my husband what he could see and he said the head was crowning. "Thank God!!" I thought as the next wave pushed the head out...once again I wondered if I was being ripped open but knew instinctively that everything was okay (there were also female spirits around who would tell me from time to time that I was doing great and the baby would be out soon...I like to think of them as birth angels) :) The body soon followed as our little miracle literally squirted into his daddy's waiting hands. This sensation felt like a big, slimy fish shooting out of me. Chris laid the baby on the towel between us.

Birth Stories: Ends In New Life

We both looked down at our baby...for a split second neither of us were aware of what just happened and then suddenly something clicked inside of us and we both reached for the baby. My husband excitedly declared that it's a boy as I pulled him close to me. I really can't describe how I felt at that moment...elation is too small of a word. I can say this, was definitely love at first sight. I keep falling more and more in love with him, too. By the way, I didn't tear at all and everything after the birth went well. As a side note, I don't believe unassisted birth is for must trust VERY deeply in their bodies and the birth process. Lastly, he was born at 1:42 am on January 4th, 2007 and when we weighed and measured him a few days later, he was 8 pounds even and 19 inches long.

So there you have it...I hope you enjoyed reading the birth story of Quantum Michael :)

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