Birth Stories: Natural Birth Despite Family History

Birth Stories: Caline & Julian

My son, Julian, came to this world naturally with the help of a fantastic midwife and doula team May 30, 2007 in Hollywood, FL. We chose hypnobirthing to aide the process and were thrilled with it. Our doula Vivian Keeler was an angel to me, my husband, and even my mom and sister, who needed the comfort at times. We chose a birthing center because it was our first experience and given my family history. I was somewhat fearful, considering that both my mother AND grandmother had only C-sections, but was determined to undo the family curse. I was nearly 42 weeks along, and quite uncomfortable at that point. Surges (contractions) began coming regularly on a Saturday, but without cervical change. We were sent home, and I took homeopathy and did acupuncture, but surges kept coming consistently for three more days. I didn't sleep or eat much during the time, but finally on Tuesday we were checked again by my wonderful midwife, Mary Harris, and we were almost 4 cm! The first 5 cm are the slowest, and it appears that my family labors quite slowly (hence two previous generations of c-sections at the hands of impatient OGBYNs). So after 25 hours of active labor (with cervical change), Julian was finally born at 6:15 am.

Mom, dad, baby, grandma, and aunt were all exhausted, but our birth was just as we wanted. Quiet, calm, natural, and without medical intervention. It wasn't easy, but it was exhilirating. Holding my baby on my naked body for two undistrubed hours, without nurses poking or prodding was devine. We lay there, and promptly fell asleep with him at my breast. The patience we had to find was challenging at times for me, but that is perhaps the greatest lesson of parenting. Our birth experience prepared us in many ways to release everything to the Universe. It's easy to want to control the circumstances of our life, but Julian taught me, before he even arrived, to trust, and be patient. His is a wonderful toddler now, and continues to have the same sweet, patient and loving disposition he did when he arrived. Now we're gearing up for baby #2! I can only pray for a similar experience this time around.

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