Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation in parenting are plentiful and include the art of surrender, the art of good health, the art of good relations and the art of wealth.

Meditation is a practice that helps us observe what is, to embrace what is, and to stop resisting this moment. It doesn’t mean the next moment will be the same, it just means we accept this one! To me there has been nothing as significant as this in my journey into parenthood.

There are so many kinds of meditation: I’ve practiced meditations with visualizations of colors, meditations focused on charkas and mantras… all kinds of meditations, and I’ve even created my own meditation where the focus is on letting go and going within.

When it comes to meditation, for me, there are no rights or wrongs, there is only what is helpful to me now. Meditation is not about escaping who we are, or our circumstance, but finding the calm, creative, observation mode within.

In the Real World

The benefits of meditation are best looked at in the real world! I’ve used meditation when fear comes up, when dealing with the pain of miscarriage, when riding the hormonal roller coaster of pregnancy. I've embraced birth as meditation. I’ve used meditation to bring myself fully into the now when embracing my step children and an ex-wife. When I’m stressed with in-laws, or my own self! And most frequently when I just want to nurture myself more. The fact is the uses of meditation are as far-reaching and numerous as the benefits of meditation. Let us look as some of the uses and benefits a little more in-depth.

Benefits of Meditation: The Art of Surrender

Surrender, to me is truly an art, at least for me it doesn’t seem to come naturally in my grown-up age. I want to control the timing of things, I want to control what comes to me, I want more control in parenting, in partnering and in life (not too mention changing the past and controlling the future!)! But the fact is, we are only in control of ourselves, and even with that, there are so many levels to ourselves, there is much to be said to surrendering to our own highest good.

One of the great benefits of meditation, the art of surrender was really challenged when I was in the process of miscarrying, I was in great pain and I realized it was because I didn’t want to be going through the process. I asked my husband to go get a meditation CD, because I knew I needed to relax and low-and-behold, as he put the ipod earplugs in my ears, I heard the crystal bowls and my own voice say, “Let go, let go, let go of the need to control…” and that’s all it took. I believe I could have very well created those words for my meditation mp3, The Peace Within, to help me in that very moment. I surrendered to the process and allowed my body to work at its full glory during miscarriage. (not always the easiest thing to do!)

It is often that we, or at least I, try to hold the reins of life and say, “it needs to be THIS way!” But the benefit of meditation is it allows us to take a step back, to observe what is within us, what is reacting, and what we want to do about it. It has nothing to do with victim-mode and everything to do with conscious-creator-mode. It has nothing to do with sitting like a bump on a log and everything to do with “I’ll surrender to my highest good in this moment and do what I’m called to do in this moment.”

Benefits of Meditation: The Art of Good Health

Good health does not come from stress! From this we know for sure! Nobody that I know has ever healed from indulging in more and more stress, by filling up with stress until they’ve burst. And nobody I know has had the best birth possible from incredible amounts of stress! Good health, good pregnancies, good births and good parenting comes from lots of things, but never stress. We take stress into our body, into every cell in our bodies, and our cells get so worn out they break down, or they have to self-medicate with alcohol, drugs or other false ideas of relaxation, power and wholeness.

So let meditation nurture you out of stress! On The Peace Within, I ask you to consider the most incredible luxury car you can think of, now imagine driving it. Imagine it until you have a relaxed, exhilarated feeling.

Go ahead take your time… now look down at your hands and see them suddenly grip around the steering wheel like they’re holding on for dear life. Now see the stress radiating through your arms, up the neck, into the head and spine. It’s painful! Now consider, the luxury car is you (and me), the stress is the stress, it’s our outside life, our inside life, our emotions and our pain, the fact is a lot of us are gripping most of our lives... The way out is to let go! To relax the grip and enjoy the ride. Yes, it takes practice, but yes, the way out of suffering is worth it. The benefits of meditation far outweigh the time put into it.

If you're pregnant now, close your eyes and imagine this same relaxed state turning into the same gripping state during birth... definitely not optimal for a wonderful birth! Our bodies need to open, not grip and close down! Now go back and imagine yourself happy and flowing again, relaxed and empowered, then add these into the birth imaginings... oh what a difference!

Benefits of Meditation: The Art of Nourishing Relations

I say nourishing relations because that is what they are meant to be, but somehow we’ve gotten into the idea that relationships are about changing the other person, putting on a false façade, giving away ourselves until there is nothing left or taking from another person to feel whole. A benefit of meditation is our realizing that we are whole, and we are also part of the whole.

This is especially useful if we have a strong desire to be a parent and life is asking us to wait, say timing is asking us to wait, through fertility issues, miscarriages or waiting on our partner. We find that we think we'll be whole when we have a child in our arms, but we need to find the space within us that accepts that we are whole now, we are living completely now! The same benefit comes in when we find ourselves in combat with the stage our child is in. Say they're experiencing a difficult period, and we want to fix it, or move beyond it, well, again, we need to relax the grip and flow!

Nourishing relations takes ourselves being aware, aware and healing our own wounds, aware that we can let other have their wounds… and we don’t have to jump down into the pit with them. For me, this is the first area where I really noticed a difference after the start of my meditation journey. I noticed one day my mom was trying to pick a fight over the phone, and I stood where I was, in my happy place and didn’t get into the fight. It was such a liberating feeling. To be free to be ourselves, to be free to let others be on their journey is a key to nourishing relationships, with ourselves and with others, and we can find our insight through our own self-meditation and self-work.

Benefits of Meditation: The Art of Wealth

The art of wealth you say? Yes, I know it may seem strange as a benefit of meditation, but I believe, and it's been my experience that a benefit of meditation is unlocking our inner connection to wealth, both in the physical world of currency and in the emotional/spiritual world of lack vs. abundance. Whether we do a specific abundance meditation, or take a walking meditation, or go within, we begin to see the abundance in all things. First the abundance of what makes up “me”, or the abundance that makes up nature and our whole system.

Abundance has so many implications, not only on our wallets, but we also begin to feel lack if we think our children are growing too fast, or if we begin to feel we don't have the means to take care of our children...if we rest in lack, it affect all kinds of aspects of parenting.

Take for example looking within, look at how much abundance we have to look at and appreciate! Have you ever thought of all the cells running through your little toes? We are so abundant! And looking with that idea that we are a luxury car, we are abundance in motion. And if we want, we are abundance choosing to nurture ourselves, when we choose meditation we choose to become aware of the deeper mysteries, and one of them is our abundance! There is nothing we “have” to do. Our bodies were built that way, our spirits were created that way… So, lets recognize it and appreciate it!

The Peace Within

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