Natural Baby Care

Baby care isn't always as simple as you thought it would be. You are preparing to have your baby or have just delivered and justifiably you want to do "what's best"! We have times where we are more and less patient. Times where we are more and less rested. And times where we know more and less of what's going to work. Sometimes the best we can do is raised several notches when we have information from others on what they've been through and learned. Our goal is to have that rush of love fill us and flow to our babies as much as possible! To understand what's going on in the body, read our article on infant massage and enjoy learning about the magic of oxytocin. And discover why in baby care infant massage is a gift to yourself, just as much to your infant.

Our goal isn't only to feel that rush of love and to fill our babies with it, but also to nurture and listen to their needs. We are all interdependent, they need us as much as we need them. And as we care for our little ones elimination communication is a way to approach our shared time together, as just that: shared time together. When we can respond to something like eliminating as it's happening, instead of waiting for a poopy diaper, we let our children know that their needs are top priority. Did you know that 1/2 of the world's children are potty trained by the age of 1? I just learned it, and even though we are taught to buy hundreds of diapers, we have other options! And if you decide you want to try it, don't miss the Elimination Communication Top 10 Tips to help you with a little more of the daily practicalities.

Our hopes are not only to be filled with love and spread that to our babies, to nurture and listen to their needs, but also to nurture and fill their bodies with health and give them all the best opportunities. As we move to introducing solids discover how to use your intuition in feeding yourself, and your baby as you transition through life. And equally important in helping your baby be healthy is considering the decision we make on vaccines and circumcision. Whether you've never diapered a baby, are an old pro, or never want to, there is something for everyone in baby care on these pages. Don't be one of those moms who looks back 10 years from now and says: "if only I'd have known!" Knowledge is power, but when you combine knowledge and intuition, you've just doubled your staying power. Take everything you read and learn and then run it through your own filter. You may find many things on these pages that work for you, or they may inspire better ideas for you! Prepare now and give it your all: you and your baby will be happy you put in the effort! And remember it's never too early! You may hesitate to read some information until after you've had your baby, but now's the time, some of these articles may sound more appropriate for when you're baby is older, like the art of discipline, but there is lot's of information on baby care in there that helps you when you're pregnant, and even trying to conceive! Have fun and don't forget to use your own intuition!

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