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About me: Welcome to LoveNaturalBirth… a new approach to an ancient form of life. My name is Ashley Rosa, my creation of LoveNaturalBirth.com came out of my growing understanding of real healing and natural living. I began my studies with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, got distracted for a few years climbing the corporate ladder and paying bills until I followed my heart out to California, and dove head-first into anything related to natural healing. Nutrition, massage, reiki (and aura cleansing), yoga, meditation and life coaching. It all fascinated me, and I read and studied lots and lots and in turn started these practices and teaching! Then one day a great girlfriend of mine asked me to be at her home birth, and little did I know that my experience as a doula would slightly turn my path and bring it all together!

In my mind, pregnancy and birth are one of the most natural, highly transformative periods we women will ever have. We are co-creating life, and this brings up every dimension of our own values, capabilities, habits and beliefs about ourselves, our culture and our life, and gives us lots of opportunities to see if what we’re experiencing serves us or dishonors us. It’s up to us to take this time to constructively create who we want to be as parents, starting now, whether that’s long before conception, during pregnancy or even if we wake up late after birth!

How we parent is influenced highly by how we birth, and how we birth is influenced highly by how we pregnancy and how we pregnancy is influenced highly by how we treat ourselves when we are young and single, or old and married! Many of us are walking around with big unhealed wounds, old trauma that is standing in the way of our fullest, most natural self. It is time to integrate that wounded energy back into a loving, flowing energy. It is always time to be our most fertile self, in every aspect of our lives…to be our most nurtured self and to be our highest and fullest expression of ourselves in love and abundance, no matter where we are on the parenting path!

How Can I Serve You?

I am here and I am willing to serve you with this … I currently inspire through yoga and meditation as well as Prenatal Movement. (If you’re local to Lake Elsinore, CA come and join me!) I write about my own experiences, and what we can expect to face on our journeys through pregnancy, pregnancy loss, birth and natural parenting. I create products that not only serve you, but serve me as well!

I am a certified life coach who can help you if you feel you need more one-on-one support than my writings offer. For those of you who have never experienced having a life coach, I highly recommend it. During my own time with a life coach I wrote my first book, created and produced my first meditation mp3, opened to my new and lasting love and really stepped out of "stuckness" in many, many areas! I am also available by email if you just want to give some feedback or get some more clarity on an issue you’re facing.

I want to help you in your journey in as many ways as possible, so if you see an area and need more, just ask! I am learning with you, I am healing and growing with you. I can’t tell you what your path should be, but I know if we’re opening to more and more love and more and more healing, and even more and more of our natural self, we’re just where we need to be!

Life is a journey and birth is a tool to become more open and free, or to be controlled by more fear and pain. The choice is ours and it’s always the right time to begin creating and embracing our own power! We are not capable of comfortably embracing and supporting our child’s full expression of their self, if we have yet to embrace our own full expression…it is just not possible! The path is not an overnight transformation (at least not for me), but a moment-by-moment choice, where immediate feedback is almost always present as long as we stay aware. Practice consciously choosing this moment!

Love and blessings to you on your journey, I’m so glad our paths have crossed.

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