Take a journey into natural birth...

...and see why planning and preparing for a natural birth can give you a loving, nurturing and empowering birth story to share for the rest of your life. As someone who spent years hearing stories that made me cringe, to be a part of a conscious home water birth was an incredibly moving, life-changing event. And to see how this event transitioned into a loving, nurturing family was truly inspirational. I am not asking you to suffer through natural birth, I am asking you to open your mind to the possibility that you too, like so many other women, could Love Natural Birth!

What is natural birth? It is not synthetic drugs, it is not traumatic surgery, it is not walking away feeling hurt, overpowered or depressed. It is dependent on relaxing so the biggest pharmaceutical factory (called our body) can naturally give us a high. It is opening, it is surrendering, and it can be experienced without suffering, even without pain. It is a natural process that nature has ingrained in our bodies that provides us with the tools we need to be the best parent possible. No part of natural birth is unimportant!

It is what our bodies are created to do, but we must prepare on every level to be ready, and so it is quite a blessing we have 40 weeks! Not because we have so much to learn, on the contrary we are natural birth goddesses! But we must take this time and these resources to unlearn all the fear and the bad habits that will not serve us as we birth and as we parent, we must practice embracing each moment as it is, whatever it presents us with. On this website you will find information all the way from trying to conceive, child birth to nurturing your new family. Plus there are birth stories and interviews from moms and expert moms to help you along the way.

Whether you're looking for natural ways to approach conception, birth or growing your new family, you'll find great interviews and information here. I want to encourage you to look at nature, what is natural? Watch a few You Tube videos of wild animal births, then a few animals chained down and "managed" by humans. Our normal is many times far from natural, and natural anything is going to be the easiest thing to digest, mentally, physically, spiritually and wholly. What are our bodies really capable of? How can we make friends with it and empower it to experience our full glory?

Remember I love to hear from you. Read our birth stories, I love to read them and share them! Share your own stories. It is important to learn from others, to hear other natural experiences and see what joyful creative moments others are voyaging through. Remember, it's not just birth, it's creating a new family, and we know from experience that how you journey through conception, pregnancy and birth together with your mate, or on your own, is a journey that greatly influences and sets the tone for you and your child's relationship and your child's expectations of their own life.

Let go of your fears now and embrace the goddess that you are. Decide now and let these pages help you create a lifetime of love, joy and peace. What starts in the womb sets the stage for a lifetime. Blessings to you!